Audio Tapes From Oxford Conference 2002

Missed the amazing experience that was the Oxford Energy Therapies Conference 2002? Not to worry! You can listen in and choose your favourite lecturers and speakers from this comprehensive list of value-for-money audio tapes.

European Energy Psychology

and Energy Therapies Conference

Oxford University 2-4 August 2002

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1 The ABC of EFT - Dr Christina Elvin

2 Alister's Meridian Based Technique (AMBT): An Overview of Dancing the Meridians - Alister Bredee

3 Environmental Harmony - Jacqui Beacon and David Gillett

4 Intentional Healing: Maximizing Outcomes with Ease - Crystal Hawk

5 Energized Parts Therapy - Jim Lane and Cheryl Cross

6 Muscle Testing: Accessing the Wisdom of the Body โ€“ Alan Handelsman and Sandi Radomski

7 Eliminating the Road Blocks of Life - Dr James V Durlacher

8 Light Language Grids - Meryl Beck and Robin Masci

9 Surfing the Matrix: An Introduction to Seemorg Matrix Work - Pati Beaudoin

10 Intuitive Technique - Nick Seferlis

11 Language for a Change - Peter Delves

12 Be Set Free Fast: BSFF - Larry P. Nims

13 The Kalos Process: When the Heart Speaks and Listens, It Heals โ€“ Dayawanti D'sa, aka "Dayu"

14 Making Energy Interactions Visible with PIP - Dr Thornton Streeter

15 Attractor Field Therapy Interventions: The Manipulation of Subtle Energies - Kurt Ebert

16 The Meridian Journey - Ananga Sivyer

17 Tapas Acupressure Technique - (TAT) - Tapas Fleming

18 Introduction to EMO - Silvia Hartmann

19 Light: The Rainbow Bridge to the Soul - Nishant Matthews

20 Flower Essence Therapy - Dr Andrew Tressider

21 Energy Medicine's Contribution to Energy Psychology - Madison King

22 Cultivating a Perennial Practice: Growing Your Energy-Based Practice - John Niland

23 Healing Vibrations - James D'Angelo

24 War Trauma, Intra-Uterine Trauma and Energy Psychology Controversies - Maarten Aalberse

25/26 Toward a Road Map for Healing: Integrating Energy Psychology into Treatment - David Grudermeyer

27 Resolving Conflicts in Consciousness with Human Software Engineering - Tom Stone

28 The Gentle Touch - Paul Newcomb

29 Integrated Soul Therapy: Connecting Spirit to the Earth - Elizabeth Wallmann

30 Accessing Creativity Through Positive Psychology - Dorothea Hover-Kramer

31/32 Allergy Antidotes - Sandi Radomski

33 Integrative States Therapy: Discovering and Treating Dissociative Blocks to Change - Susan Courtney

34 Emotional Freedom Technique for the Animals! - Catherine O'Driscoll

35 Introduction to Freeway - Prof. Tam Llewellyn and Mary Llewellyn-Edwards

36 Healing Relationships Beyond Time and Space - Martin F. Luthke and Linda Stein-Luthke

37 Guided Self Healing - Andrew Hahn

38 Mind Over Weight - Martyn Dawes

39 CHART: Conscious Healing and Repatterning Therapy - Paula Shaw

40 Quantum Medicine: The ACMOS Method - Grace Peyton, Michael & Naheed Brooking

41 When Too Much is Not Enough: Using Meridian Therapies to Control Compulsive Behaviours - Gloria Arenson

42 Becoming Psychic: Our Shared Journey - Elaine Woodall, Ph.D.

43 Spirit Attachment and Health - Dr Alan Sanderson

44 Survival or Vision: Transformational Kinesiology - Grethe Fremming

45 Conquering Anger Mountain - David Grudermeyer

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