Baker's Cyst, Stuck Energy & EMO

This is a case story how a client with a Baker's cyst (popliteal cyst) behind the knee which stopped forward movement got relief with EMO.

Varda Banilivy writes: I have been working with a client on a Baker's cyst (popliteal cyst). This is a lump of fat waste in the body, in this case it was behind the knee and about 4 inches in size.
The person was working on money issues, they felt like the energy had decided to hide there, the place of connection between the upper and lower leg, almost preventing the person from moving forward and circulating the blood putting pressure on the nerve system.

As we cleaned and cleared the traumas from childhood of money, the knee felt more at ease to function (this person could not walk at one point for 6 weeks, many recommended an operation). We cleared money and all issues and traumas relating to this and the person started having the desire to walk as an exercise- now walking up to 1 hour a day.

The knee is evacuating the cysts and although you can still feel it behind the knee it is softer and there is no longer discomfort.

I told the patient just go personally into that area thank it for protecting you at a time of need, love it for back then but ask it to soften and flow.

Ask it to leave now because it is not needed any more  as it serves no functions. You really have to go there to be there with your attention, to be patient and to forgive yourself for holding on before. With the energy flowing away, the results are great.

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