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Beauty T - A Unique Training by Silvia Hartmann

Beauty T - A Unique Training by Silvia Hartmann

Introducing A Unique Premium Service For and By EMO Practitioners and Their Clients in a comprehensive one day training for practising healers and practitioners, May 31st, 2004.

What is Beauty T?

Beauty T is a special session of 30 minutes which is given by an ETP to a client outside of ordinary treatments or counseling. It is a PREMIUM SERVICE that is entirely positive and uplifting, in fact Beauty T is what you might call some serious icing on any human's cake. When a new Beauty T practitioner first begins to offer this service, I recommend that they pick some of their favourite clients and offer a 'Try Me!' treatment at a special offer price. This is for the practitioner to gain confidence and delight in conducting this unusual but so very wonderful treatment that is more of lifetime's experience than any kind of therapy.

The Process of Beauty T

Very simply put, the ETP spends five minutes of the 30 minute session in rapport with the client and briefly explaining the idea of the treatment.

For the next 20 minutes, the ETP will simply go over the clients entire body and affirming the beauty of any and all of their physicality.

This is intensely hypnotic and training in the suggestive aspects inherent in Beauty T will be given during the Beauty T Practitioner training.

As the ETP affirms the beauty of the physicality, they will also seek to dispel with their words, with their touch and with their attitude NEGATIVE ENERGIES THAT HAVE INFESTED the energy systems.

Beauty T thereby represents a form of totality massage whereby:

  • The ETP addresses the conscious mind in words;
  • the energy systems with their own energy and intention;
  • and the physicality with their touch,

... all at the same time to produce a heightened state of lucidity across the client's entire existence.

This experience, even with a total novice, is unlike anything the client has ever been given, or has ever received.

It is intensely emotional for both the client as well as for the ETP and the benefits are simply incalculable.

Here are just some of the benefits a client can confidently expect from a Beauty T treatment:

Benefits Of Beauty T For The Client

  • a radically new and different viewpoint on their bodies and all their bodies functions and appearances;
  • a reconnection of physical sensations, emotional energies and ANOTHER HUMAN BEING which represents a MILESTONE EXPERIENCE that for many people has been sadly lacking all their lives;
  • the beginning of a deep, profound and immensely healing change in their AUTOGENIC BODY and thus, their own relationship to their own selves for the better;
  • a form of deep energising, renewal and celebration of the self that leaves the client clearer and more balanced than they may ever have experienced before.

Working towards acceptance and celebration, if not worship, of the CREATOR GIVEN PHYSICALITY IN ALL ITS UNFOLDMENTS is a radical departure from the general paradigm of 'fault finding and fault removal'.

Beauty T is the long missing antidote to feelings of dislike of the self, unworthiness, ugliness, and depression or anger. It really works like an injection of positivity, unconditional regard and indeed, beauty energy into our depleted systems and brings them back to life.

But there is more than just the client soaking up energies they have been sorely and desperately lacking their entire lives.

It is impossible to do Beauty T as a practitioner and not also to feel the benefits of calling in and handling positive and unconditional energies of admiration, regard, love and worship.

Giving is as powerful and perhaps more powerful still than the receiving.

We all have so much love inside of us, and so few opportunities in the rigid structures of our societies and in our own personal prisons of entrainment to let this flow out and through, for the practitioner this also is a way to become far more powerful with every application of this, with every practice on every client.


It becomes easier and easier with just a little practice to step into that place of unconditional regard, and this is a REAL FEELING and a REAL EXPERIENCE, not some pretend 'I see the light within' if there isn't yet any light to be seen, BECAUSE NO-ONE'S EVER BOTHERED TO LIGHT THAT PERSON'S CANDLE FLAME as yet.

Beauty T is addictive

That is not a bad thing, but indeed a WONDERFUL state of affairs, and not just for the practitioners who can't help but wanting to do this more, with a wider range of people, more profoundly and more deeply.

It is a wonderful thing for the client too, because they will seek the validation and REALITY CREATION of these new states of being.

When someone comes along and looks at this client and thinks or says, 'Ooh you're so old, fat and ugly,' the client has now and for the first time ever COUNTEREVIDENCE to fall back upon, and an answer to this - 'I am as the creator made me. I am beautiful and I know this. How sad that you cannot appreciate this yet.'

The client will begin to ACTIVELY SEEK OUT people who reflect this new order of being in their environment very practically - this is a practical AND an energetic effect, as perpetrators are magically attracted to the perpetual victims. One ceases to be a victim and the perps stay away because there is nothing to feed on, nothing to stoke, nothing to be gained for them but defeat.

There is also absolutely no harm in a client who may have had a number of Beauty T sessions to return for more, after a breakup of a relationship say which left them vulnerable to the old self doubts, just the same as one would seek a headache pill for a headache, or a massage after a strenuous game of sport.

Beauty T Self Help

For both practitioners and clients and indeed any human being, the self help version whereby the person tells their own body directly how beautiful it is, how beloved by the creator itself, and how grateful they are for its services is a secondary device which brings the true power of Beauty T really into focus for long term.

I hold that it is too hard to expect from someone who has NEVER BEEN TOLD BY ANYONE that they are beloved and beautiful to pull themselves out of the swamp by their own hair. Especially if it has been said to be the wrong colour, thickness and texture and is entirely rejected ...

Make no mistakes.

Just as you can depress a child to the point of self mutilation by throwing endless hatred, negativity and fault finding at it, and then beyond into a state of dumb suffering where suffering is all there is and indeed all attempts at life have stopped, you can do this to your very own body, body parts, and many of us have done that too.

Renewal and healing cannot progress under such desperate circumstances.

The parts must be brought back to life, back into the light and ONLY non-conditional acceptance and positivity can EVER accomplish this.

This is the first Sleeping Beauty kiss to wake up parts of us, all of us, and once awoken even ever so slightly, these parts will begin to operate differently.



That's how it works, and it can't work any other way.

You cannot grow a good plant by withholding water, and you cannot grow a beautiful and flexible body by withholding love, admiration, support and the cheers of a victory parade to make it work extra hard for you.

Beauty T self help treatments come AFTER the practitioner has broken the ice and turned around a self destructive system of mechanisms that have caused so many problems over so many years.

This is one of the times when the inherent POWER AND AUTHORITY of the healer may be used to its full effect.

People have come to you for help.

They respect you and accept you as an authority.


The Client Practitioner Dance

The true hallmark of EMO is the dance between the practitioner and the client, the fact that both work together and both gain immeasurably from this cooperation.

They gain different things in different ways, but both gain from the dance of giving and receiving.

For a practitioner who may have issues with their own nose, the challenge of reaching for and FINDING that reality where someone else's nose is indeed, creator given and because of that, simply beautiful is intensely healing in its own right.

Their own prejudices and disturbances sigh with pleasure and resolve at the same time; or at least are so challenged by this NEW INFORMATION, these NEW EXPERIENCES that they can no longer run their automatic self destructive spirals as once they did.

If this is done wholeheartedly then the world does become a different place as we are retraining ourselves to see the beauty and perfection in all things, and strive to encourage that beauty and perfection in its attempts to flower and unfold, wherever we see it, wherever we find it.

That is the Even Flow, and that is a truly holy thing to be doing.

I believe it is the core and the key of all true spirituality.

The challenge of finding this love and adoration for the physicality of other humans is profound and the rewards are equally profound in every way.

Beauty T is the first of a whole new breed of energetic healing strategies, one that works ONLY with the power of joy and the beauty of the creative order, and makes EXACTLY THAT AND ONLY THAT the antidote to the existing suffering.

The more damaged something is, the more unhappy it is in appearance or expression, the more love and unconditional regard it needs to be restored to its rightful functioning.

It is very simple really.

Frighteningly simple.

Now all we have to do for ourselves and for each other is to TRY OUR BEST to make it happen.

Wholeheartedly means simply that we give everything we have.

If that everything isn?t very much, it doesn?t matter because it is ALL THERE IS AND WE HELD NOTHING BACK.

It is the best we could do and every time we do it, we deserve a medal.

And we do get it, in the form of results and new feelings for ourselves, new and better and simply DIFFERENT experiences than we were led to believe were even available to us as human beings.

Beauty T As A Benefit For EMO Clients

As usual, Beauty T could not even have arisen if it wasn't for EMOTRANCE FIRST.

To be able to accept the beauty of something that one has hated and blamed for one's entire life's problems for many years (such as the hair, the nose, the weight, the cellulite, the sex organs et al) one needs to do major energetic and emotional as well as neurological repair work.

One needs to be able to understand that the nose is not the problem, but the injuries pertaining to the AUTOGENIC NOSE and all the decisions and ideas and bad experiences that have cascaded since then from that injury (or those many injuries, as these things become self affirming and more and more real seeming over time, and of course, ever more painful and hurtful).

For clients with major well defined 'body image problems' it is therefore essential that they are either treated for those specific problems up front and the energetic contortions that exist are cleared up BEFORE a full Beauty T treatment is even a possibility, OR that they are able to DO EMOTRANCE well and in the field already to do their part on the other end, that of being able to receive the incoming information/sensation packages from the ETP.

Beauty T PinPoint

You can therefore offer special Beauty T pinpoint sessions that deal with 'the fat', or 'the ears', or, 'the hair' before a full Beauty T session becomes the first goal to have reached in the treatment flow and progression.

More than one such pin point session may be scheduled, and you can treat this entirely as a plastic surgeon would - start with the 'worst parts' and work your way through in consultation with the client until they are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY - at which point the real Beauty T treatments of total re-unification into ONE BEAUTIFUL TOTALITY may begin.

This is truly a breakthrough set of treatments and strategies that will produce so many benefits to both the clients as well as the ETPs, the potential is breathtaking.


Plastic surgery has severe and mostly unacknowledged long term consequences. People in their desperation don't understand that in 30 years from now, the scar tissue formed back then is going to cut their live's short and lead to so much pain and suffering that they wish they'd never undertaken this.

You are bringing years of optimal functioning and the possibilities of that to your clients. And indeed, your clients will easily understand this once they are able to look beyond the length of their own nose, it being no longer a big autogenic issue that blocks their view of real and true reality after your treatments of them.

As to increased joy, libido, sense of lightness and pro-activity, better energy, better digestion, less risk of addictions, heart attacks and so much more, Beauty T is the perfect tool for a world that has gone insane with the quest for Beauty with the knife.

Beauty T is an enormously powerful concept.

It is incredibly easy to sell because those on the quest for Beauty will 'try everything'.

If they try THIS, and you get it right as the practitioner, they will have finally found what they have been looking for - a beauty that no age can take away, something that will be with you until your dying day, and that actually FEEDS AND SUSTAINS ALL YOUR FUNCTIONINGS, from mental clarity to physical recovery and immune system functioning.

The desperate quest for beauty is here, and we have with Beauty T a product that is not only fantastically holistic, but also DESPERATELY NEEDED BY MILLIONS.

  • It is safe.
  • It is a completely new and entirely surprising experience.
  • It works.
  • It heals, it helps and it uplifts.
  • It is self sustaining and NOT tied to the practitioner.
  • It is a healing star that passes right into the client's own hands as soon as they are ready and THEY IN TURN MAY AND WILL PASS IT TO OTHERS IN THEIR PATH.

Charging For Beauty T

You can do what you like with it.

You can pick your target audience and set to work - teenage girls, rich middleclass bored women, models who have just turned 23, football players. Anyone and everyone. You can advertise it for 'long term weight loss'. You can keep it as a premium service for your best EMO clients.

You can run groups, workshops, retreats based around a progression of pinpoint Beauty T and the whole spectrum treatments.

You can charge what you like for a set of 21 sessions, or for one, or for ten or three - please remember that a breast reduction or a 'tummy tuck' cost thousands of pounds and carries a penalty of long term health and psychological problems in its wake.

You can save your clients years of suffering and thousands upon thousands on quick fix or quack services and solutions, so charge what you want to charge for this, and if you don't want to charge anything at all, then don't.

I'd love to see at least some of you advertising along the lines of, 'Thinking of Plastic Surgery' Try Beauty T First! First treatment at a special offer price!?

In Conclusion

Beauty T is truly new and revolutionary in its concept.
It is in full keeping with ALL true spiritual traditions and celebrates the Creative in every way.

It is completely positive and totally healing in its application, and it is simple to do.

We have the tools and we have the experience to make it work, and to make a real change to the people who we treat with Beauty T, as well as to ourselves.

Please let us not waste this opportunity to do some REAL GOOD, and make a LASTING DIFFERENCE not just to ourselves and our clients, but by example, to everyone we come into contact with.

Beloved be,

Silvia Hartmann

13. 04. 2004

Beauty T with Silvia Hartmann
One Day Training - 31 May 2004, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, UK - £330.00

To be part of this unique training, for ET Practitioners only, please click below NOW
(Please note places are limited and will be allocated on a strictly first come, first served basis. This Training will NOT BE REPEATED, please book now to avoid disappointment.)

EMO Practitioner Training with Nicola Quinn
One Day Training - 30 May 2004, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, UK - £175.00

If you would like to attend the Beauty T training but are NOT an ET Practitioner you will need to attend this training beforehand.

Save £55.00 by signing up for both Trainings today for only £450.00!
One Day EMO Practitioner Training + Beauty T - 30/31 May 2004, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, UK

For Venue Information & Hotel bookings, please click HERE.

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