BeauTy T Audio CDs Now Available

BeauTy T Audio CDs Now Available Here is an amazing opportunity to hear the complete BeauTy T experience LIVE and to become enchanted with the Universe of BeauTy - where love and compassion are the tools of the Samurai ...



... LIVE With Silvia Hartmann 2004

Premium Advanced Training On 4 Audio CDs


This is a unique opportunity to acquire the complete set LIVE presentation of Beauty T, which must surely be one of the most ambitious and far reaching PRACTICAL APPLICATION of Energy Magic at the cutting edges available to the public today.

This incredible training was delivered LIVE to an audience of top EMO trainers and practitioners from around the World in May of 2004 in the United Kingdom by Silvia Hartmann.

Its outcome was not simply to learn new techniques and skills, but to evoke a different form of healing states altogether - those of the Champion, the power of the Samurai.

Proactive and inordinately powerful, this training represents a personal challenge of courage and conviction as well as a high learning and state control challenge to those who attended, who took the theory and made it absolutely REAL on the day.

This unique and exclusive set of 4 Audio CDs includes the complete range of hypnotic energy learning, examples, explanations and exercises of the BeauTy T Training.

  • CD 1 - The Champion Concept - Samurai

  • CD 2 - PinPoint BeauTy T & Treatment Flow

  • CD 3 - Energy Trance

  • CD 4 - BeauTy T Delivery Ritual

A complete and truly mesmerising learning experience as cannot be found anywhere else, or with anyone else, recorded in high quality digital stereo LIVE for accuracy and depth, the BeauTy T LIVE Set is suitable for practitioners of Silvia Hartmann's EMO system and self help users who have a good grasp of the principles and practical applications of EMO.

  • This training is a practical application of the principles of the Autogenic Universe as discussed in Living Energy, The Patterns & Techniques of EMO Vol. 2, and deals with the practical challenges of re-building a cohesive Autogenic Universe from the ground up, starting with the first map any human ever makes - that of their own body.


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The COMPLETE BeauTy T Training On 4 Audio CDs

Created & Delivered by Silvia Hartmann

For The Energy Magicians Of Today.

Includes as a SPECIAL BONUS

The BeauTy T


Audio CD with "Sonic Solutions TM" Power Sound Scapes by Composer Ananga Sivyer.


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