The Best Thing About Being An Energist - 2012 GoE Christmas Competition Winners

The Best Thing About Being An Energist - 2012 GoE Christmas Competition Winners

Just before Christmas 2012 we launched our annual Christmas competition. The lucky winners were drawn at random from all the brilliant entries, and all they had to do was answer the simple question:

What is the best thing about being an Energist?

Read on for all the winning responses...

1st Prize Winner:

"The main thing would be rekindling attributes I had as a child. When friends or siblings felt low I would hold their hand and I would feel a lot of warmth coming through mine into their hand. They would say it made them feel better. At the time I didn't classify myself as an Energist because I didn't know the word back then.

Years past and I learned there were various ways to connect via Reiki and EFT as well as intuitively through my psychotherapeutic practice. The best thing would be the connectedness I can feel through the work I do with the fellow souls that come into my realm whether in person or online."

Olivia, UK

Runners Up:

"The best thing is knowing that whatever life throws up nothing is insurmountable being able to apply that principle to the lives of others and yourself is amazing"

Alison, UK

"The yummy tingling feeling all over the body, when I see, how elementary-school children help themselves release anger, sadness and frustration in literally seconds."

Adi, Israel

"You get to know that we are far more than the physical, that we have so much potential and as we awake to the truth of what we are we get to help others do the same."

Monika, Netherlands

"The best thing about being an Energist is to play with Alchemy of emotions and transform any pain into a shining diamond of experience on the incarnational path through Life."

Martina, Czech Republic

"It feels like miracle has become a real part of life. You feel empowered and shining..You feel like you are finally in possession of some magical power that can change the world, change people's lives, if you use it correctly and work patiently with it. The best thing about it is that, it is not limited to simply feeling that you have some magical power, but you actually observe and experience life unfolding into miracles for yourself as well as anyone you touch. Being an energist is just miraculously shining and bringing light to yourself and anyone open to your touch. It is an endless journey to more knowledge and more magic! Thank you."

Suheyla, Turkey

"Itโ€™s fantastic to be able to help people to overcome their issues with fun and ease and to turn an issue completely around.

For most people itโ€™s unimaginable that a feeling of sadness can be turned into happiness within a short time, but if they experience the shift they most times canโ€™t belief what happened to them.

Itโ€™s a pleasure to support people during this process and experience this transformation over and over again."

Michaela, Germany

"The best thing about being an energist is that I can boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before. To the depths of darkness - to the brightest of light. ย To the past way behind me - to a future waiting to be created. The universe is my playground and the whole world is invited to come along. Take my hand and I'll show you the way."

Kim, UK

"The best thing about being an energist is that even though we remain human, with our ups and downs and dark and light, we also have the tools to move through these experiences with grace, and make magic and joy where none existed before."

Kelly, Australia

"The thing I have found by being an energist, is that not is it great that I can free myself of past present future trumours and fears that have kept me stuck and making deceisions based on fear. I now feel free and empowered to make most of my decision from a place confidence by being able to trust my true self and higher self to make the right deceisions for myself and for the betterment of others. I how found this to be the most liberating and freeing thing that has happened it also has given me the tools to use all my natural gifts in a more controled and useful manner. I would in turn like to to assist others to experience the same thing for themselves and they too can repeat the same process, this domino effect can only make this planet of ours, a more harmonious and peaceful place to exist. Hopefully minermizing a lot of thr anger and violence we all need to be contributing towards peace, joy and harmonony."

Rosemary, Australia

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