Moving Beyond Resistance โ€“ Using EFT to Develop Mental Strength

Moving Beyond Resistance โ€“ Using EFT to Develop Mental Strength

If you intend to get to a destination and you decide to go by train, would you turn up at the station and tell the ticket officer that you donโ€™t want to go to Manchester, you donโ€™t like Grimsby and you are unsure whether to go to Birmingham? The attendant would expect you to know where you want to go and what time you need to get there.

Why should affirmations be any different?

Asking for what want and really desiring it is the first step. The second is to take the appropriate actions for this to happen. The process of goal setting requires that you ask, do your part and then allow outcome to be delivered. Allowing is an art which takes some understanding. The thing that pushes wishes and goals away or takes longer for them to happen is the not allowing through over obsession with the outcome especially if this is accompanied by negative thoughts and feelings. In addition, this creates anxiety. Using EFT to address each thought and feeling that indicates the resistance can cut through the not allowing. Once cleared tapping on the affirmations that underpin what it is you wish to create (whether that be a material goal or a state of mind) speeds up the delivery process.

If you have been disappointed in the past, doubt, mistrust and a lack of belief that this can happen for you is an understandable response. I do not suggest that you deny these feelings and thoughts or that you push them away. Not getting the result you want does not mean that what you want is wrong or impossible. You need to understand what these results are telling you and what you can learn from them. Write the doubts down and ask yourself if they are true and look at the evidence that supports them. Ask yourself or someone you trust what you can do differently next time to get a different result.

A client who had successfully and easily given up smoking for over nine months returned dismayed because she had gone back to smoking. She found it so easy to stop she thought one cigarette would do no harm which kicked off her old habit. I asked her what this had taught her. She said she always worked hard for things she wanted and did not trust things that came easily to her. She BELIEVED if things were too easy they were worthless so consequently started smoking again! We used EFT to disperse this negative belied and EFT again to reinforce the belief that achievements can be effortless once resistance is cleared.

Take a piece of paper and write down all the negative thoughts, feeling and beliefs that undermine your trust that you can achieve your goal. On another sheet write down your responses to these doubts. Burn the sheet with all the negative comments and as you burn them, say to yourself, I commit to my wish/goal and I acknowledge my resistance and doubts -yet I choose to commit to what it is I wish to achieve. Use EFT to turbo charge each of these statements on a daily basis.

Read the sheet that responds positively to your doubts and decide how you will integrate these in your life. Find an object that visually represents your goal and put it in a place of prominence so it catches your eye several time a day. Place notes around the house to remind yourself of your goal and repeat the affirmations that support them. Carry something around with you that remind you of what it is you want. All of these reinforce your commitment to what it is you want which in turn strengthens your belief that you will get it.

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