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Biofield Diagnosis Certification Training With Dr Thornton Streeter

Biofield Diagnosis Certification Training With Dr Thornton Streeter

We are delighted to announce that Dr Thornton Streeter will be visiting the UK from India and presenting a weekend PIP and Biofield certification training near London on November 12/13 2012, as part of the 2012 GoE EFT & Energy Psychology Conference.

This is a unique opportunity to study the human biofield and learn the latest techniques from Dr Streeter who is a real pioneer of modern biofield research - and also, to discover your own biofield in the process.


Licensed Training & Education


Biofield Imaging and Assessment

Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP),

Resonant Field Imaging (RFI)

and the Electro-Scanning Method (ESM).

TRAINING COURSE London Gatwick UK 12/13 November 2012

Your work is a huge step forward to enable the requisite paradigm shift to facilitate the expansion of complementary medicine."

J. Goddard,

President of Complementary Medicine Association

Experience, Training, Research and Validation of the Human Biofield

PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography) is a visual non-invasive scanning system that reveals where current problems may exist and interestingly where developing issues might arise. Invented by UK scientist Dr Harry Oldfield, the PIP system enables operators and their clients to see recordings of ‘before and after treatment and healthcare plans,’ and thereby motivating people to make better-informed health choices. PIP can assess and evaluate health issues; show developing and existing stresses to the body; demonstrate healing procedures; and provides an evaluation of treatment methods and systems.

PIP is currently utilised in research studies and clinics worldwide to assist holistic healthcare models and research into all areas of complementary therapy and healing. PIP shows the interference and transference of light patterns, at and beyond the visible range. It does this by recording and then recoding light intensities through the PIP Imaging computer programme, with a full spectrum lighting environment and video camera.

The system is an extension of our eyes and senses; the camera lens - the eye itself, yet recording finer distinctions; the lead connecting to computer - the optic nerve transferring the image; which is then processed by the computer’s brain and interpreted by a trained operator.

2 Day Intensive Hands On Weekend Training:

Content and Structure

Delegates are entitled access to information, equipment and facilities at any Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS) ‘Energy Centre’ around the world. A ‘research fellow’ for the year will guide you through the course work; including case studies and choosing an energy field research thesis. It is required that you attend a w/e training programme with Dr Streeter and his team in the technical application and set up of the system.

Human Biofield History and Theory

A background history and theory behind the human energy field is given, which includes reviewing other equipment; Kirlian Photography, GDV, Dr Hunt’s system. In addition this aspect includes in-depth discussions of the subtle anatomy and energy matrix comprising Energy Fields (Auras), Energy Centres (Chakras) & Energy Vessels (Meridians) in relation to the bio-energetic systems of the body.


On this training you will be lead through practical sessions on how to use the PIP system. You will be taught the components of a standard PIP environment including set up of video camera, lighting system and conditions used in clinical practice.


Your training will teach you how to analyse and interpret PIP images and their relation to different disease conditions. This will include discussion of the relevance of symmetry, colours, patterns and shades, revealed by PIP and how to identify focal points that relate to issues. There will also be explanation of where and why energy congests and causes issues. Case studies are a vital part of your training, application & qualification (TAQ).

Personal Experience

There will be plenty of opportunities for delegates to explore their own bio field with Dr Streeter and that of other delegates to gain personal experience from both perspectives and invaluable personal insight into the nature and structure of your own biofield and how it responds to applications of healing, thought and environmental conditions.


PIP is used in a variety of ways and background will be given of how it is applied at other clinics and best suited to your individual needs. This includes understanding how the ‘live real time images’ can be utilised to demonstrate the progression of various healing modalities.

Students will be encouraged to choose a specialist area of research in to the Human Energy Field and requested to complete a thesis after one year. Students are guided by their appointed research fellow and may to go on to form their own world’s leading investigators and practitioners in energy medicine and analysis.

How will you apply the knowledge PIP provides for you?



Students will be awarded a certificate in proficiency in the use of PIP, accredited by CBS and inventor of Dr Oldfield, and at the end of the year a PIP Biofield Diploma, as well as the possibility of a degree qualification from the Zoroastrian College.

Your Course Tutor

Dr Thornton Streeter is trainings director and founder of the Centre for Biofield Sciences. He has over 15 years experience in using and teaching PIP. He currently lives in India and lectures world-wide, championing the cause of energy field medicine, non-invasive evaluation methods and natural therapeutic choices.

PIP is a fascinating research method, used in the development and understanding of healthcare and the human energy field.

Course includes:

  • 1 Year PIP Membership CBS Centre For Biofield Sciences;
  • course work,
  • access to information, equipment,
  • appointed research fellow and
  • certification.


Ongoing Research Work

Within 12 months delegates are requested to complete their PIP research thesis on a focused area of energy field study. This will be discussed and determined with their CBS ‘research fellow’ who acts as guides for their work.

The thesis is an opportunity for each delegate to specialise in a field of research of interest to them.

This forms the basis of CBS Diploma in PIP Energy Field Imaging and co-affiliation with CBS and their Energy Centres.



For further information and questions about this unique opportunity to learn from Dr Thornton Streeter and gain qualification please contact:

HQ at The Energy Centre, Exeter, UK 00 44 (0) 1392 49 50 50

World Peace Centre MIT College, Pune 411 038, INDIA +91 (0)20 543 1795 ext 352


Please Note: Places on this European Biofield PIP Training event are strictly limited to allow for in depth personal attention and opportunity for the delegates.

Go to the booking form HERE.

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