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EFT Case Story: Breaking the Pattern of Abusive Love Relationships

EFT Case Story: Breaking the Pattern of Abusive Love Relationships

Lorna Firth, an GoE Trainer based in Paphos, Cyprus, introduces a seasoned EFT self-helper to the joys of Energy EFT in this case story.

Lorna writes:Β I have been Catherine's Energist off and on for 2.5 years now. She initially presented because of relationship difficulties. The last 4 long term relationships were with abusive men - either physically/sexually or verbally. During that time, as well as Psychotherapy, I did teach her the Classic EFT protocol which she used to help with her emotions. However, the sessions stopped when Catherine, because of a traumatic event, went back to the UK. Catherine returned to this country after 18 months to rebuild her life. Her plan was to find work and a place to live and be independent.

She has resumed her sessions with me and she is very happy and curious to work as a team with the new Energy EFT protocol...

We have been working on weight loss. On arrival at her most recent session, Catherine appeared happy, relaxed and smiling.

I did notice that her shoulders twitched from time to time. She explained this by saying she had a slight pain in her shoulders. I also noticed that she flexed her toes. During feedback we discovered she had lost 2 kgs since I saw her last. But this time, she said she wanted to talk about something different. I asked her what the problem was and she replied, "Everyone shits on me!"

Her face turned red and she started to fidget more. I felt a jolt in my head. She no longer appeared happy and her eyes filled with tears. At that point we de-stressed for a couple of rounds after which I asked her again. She sighed and said, "Well not everyone shits on me - only people I have loved and love."

Her current partner had been behaving very badly towards her. The SUE was a -8. The first set up was " shits on me."

This morphed at the collar bone ( shoulders twitched again) point to" disrespected" after which the SUE went to -2.

Catherine then went on to tell me about her second husband. He was violent towards her. At this point I wondered about a guiding star event.- 6th sense kicking in!

I asked her the question,"Do you think this problem of being disrespected is there because you fell madly in love with someone?" and after I explained about guiding star events, she nodded.

I asked her to describe the first time she met her husband. She replied that when she met him she felt this wow, excitement feeling in her heart and stomach. In fact she said a word I don't know how to spell. It sounded like Phworrrr. She decided there and then she was going "to have him."

She described the feeling like a lightening bolt to her system. We now have something specific to work with. So she told the event story after we de-stressed again. The aspect was 31 years old. She met him in a club while she was with another man. She had never seen anyone so handsome in all her life. The body event when she saw him was a lightening bolt to the system. We tapped on the 31 year old aspect until we reached a +10.

On discussion with the client, she revealed another event memory which she thought had been dealt with through counselling.

This aspect of Catherine at 14 years old was forced to have sex with her boyfriend. She was "head over heels" in love with him and would do anything for him. She felt that he respected her and not to do anything against her wishes. The aspect was 14 years old and in a field with her boyfriend and he bullied her into having sex with him. He promised if she did, he wouldn't tell anyone. She didn't want to do it- even though she felt excitement in her lower abdomen( body event) and he forced himself on her. It was over in seconds. She felt terrible and she felt scared. While tapping on the aspect at the collar bone point, Catherine became very pale, glassy eyed and swallowed continually. She said she thought she was going to pass out. So I did a round of de-stressing and we both had some water.

I felt emotional at this time and could sense that a healing event was about to happen. We continued to tap on the 14 year old aspect. After the next round, Catherine remembered that the boyfriend had gone back to school and told everyone. She was called "slut" "easy" " go with anyone."

The aspect felt ashamed, disrespected and embarrassed. So we tapped another round on the aspect's feelings and at the CB point again she changed her words to " They were only kids. she was not to blame."

The SUE had gone up to +4. Now we asked what kind of energy could we send to the aspect to help her even more. Catherine replied that she thought proud, sparkling respectful energy would be brilliant.

On revisiting the aspect, she was sitting in the field, smiling, feeling proud. We did an extra round on sending her playful energy, let her go and play. The aspect was a +10, skipping, running and knowing that we were there for her. On asking my client in the here and now how she felt about the disrespected feeling, she said she was feeling fantastic, powerful and able to stick up for herself. She was laughing and punching the air +10

To conclude the session, we did some future aspect tapping on where Catherine wanted to be in 2 months.

The future aspect was on her own,independent, living in a bright spacious 1 bedroom apartment. The apartment has a triple aspect open living space. There are 2 big comfy sofas with red cushions. There is a blacony which goes round outside the living area and the bedroom. We can see the swimming pool from the balcony and the sea from the kitchen window. She has lavender scented candles burning and there is a feeling of great peace and contentment. The aspect has increased her income to a level where she can satisfy all her needs and more.

Catherine knows she can visit this place whenever she wants. We both moved our bodies to increase the energy flow and we tapped to a +10

This was an awesome session. To see such a transformation in Catherine was pure delight and would not have been possible without the EFTeam and the new Energy EFT protocol.

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Lorna Firth
Information about Lorna Firth
Energy EFT Master Practitioner, EMO Master Practitioner, Modern Energy Tapping Professional, Modern Energy Coach, Modern Energy Healer & Modern Stress Management Professional in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, England.

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