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A really important piece has just been offered by Don Elium, who manages the BSFF email discussion list. Don is a brilliant student of the Energy Therapies and BSFF in particular. Through discoveries he and his eight-member iSt research team have made, he has given us an extremely significant new understanding of why some problems may recur or may not be completely eliminated.


Don presented the team’s findings on this “iSt 9X9 grid” at the Energy Psychology Conference in San Diego on May 11th 2001. He then graciously presented and demonstrated it for two hours at my post-conference BSFF training seminar. Don is not only brilliant; he is a superb caring and compassionate counselor. I was very impressed while watching him work with several people.

Don and his team have discovered that head and eye positions, in all of their possible combinations, can hold (be anchored to) different aspects of our problems/issues. It is routine practice in the energy therapies (myself included) to muscle test with the person's head and eyes in the same position for all testing. Don has discovered that this will typically cause us to miss detecting and treating some problems without our realizing it.

Conceptually this idea fits in well with Roger Callahan’s “eye roll” procedure. The idea being to roll the eyes in a full circle in each direction while treating the presenting problem to assure treating every eye position where a problem may occur. Callahan’s “floor to ceiling” eye movement is in the same category, I think. But, the iSt research team is showing us that this is only part of the story.

Not treating for all possible eye and head positions may well account for why some treated problems return. We have always thought, according to our muscle testing results, that we were finished treating some issue, especially when we had treated many problems around some issue. But we may well not have been as thorough as we thought.

In fact, my early application of the iSt 9X9 process indicates that I may have almost never been completely finished with treatment issues. Given this discovery, I am somewhat puzzled that so few problems have returned with my BSFF work all these years.

Don and his team have made a brilliant discovery, I think. I am very thankful that the team chose to share this discovery with us now. They are still systematically exploring these things, but we are ahead of the game by having this discovery revealed now.

I hate to think how my work would have remained so incomplete if I had not learned this from Don now. I have always emphasized the importance of thoroughness of treatment to maximize healing, and in order to limit the likelihood of problems returning. The iSt 9X9 finding is a quantum improvement in assuring greater thoroughness. Whew! I am so thankful to have this new understanding.

In Don’s conceptualization there are 81 possible combinations of head and eye positions. He views the head positions, and also the eye positions, as if they were on a grid that looks like a tic-tac-toe game board. Each position on this grid could be a head position, and/or an eye position.

Therefore there are 9X9=81 possibilities where hidden problems could be anchored. That is, there are 81 possible combinations, any one of which could have a problem related to the one we have identified, but which we would probably miss detecting and treating if we restrict ourselves to our usual muscle testing strategy. Ouch!

I think that it could even be more complex than this. Don agrees that perhaps the head being tilted to the right or left could add many other possible head-eye combinations as well. Let’s see. The math gets tricky for me here. Adding two sides of head tilt (right or left), does that make 9X9X two more head positions? No, I guess it just adds 9X2=18 more head-eye possibilities for problems to be anchored and triggered. That would make 99 possibilities in Don’s schema.

And, of course, we do not know if just conceiving of this as head-eye positions within each grid is finely tuned enough. There could be even more gradations of positions within each grid. The nervous system is so finely tuned that even very small changes in head or eye position might be anchored to the development and triggering of problems. This means that the problem may be triggered when only a very slight change of head-eye position occurs, no matter what grid we are considering.

That is, perhaps a specific problem would be triggered in a very specific and precise position and never in any other head-eye position—even one that is in the same head-eye grid. Or possibly, any combination of head-eye positions could be anchored to one specific problem whether or not there are other related problems in other head-eye positions.

We do know that the subconscious mind is very literal, specific and precise about word meanings. So, it seems plausible that it will react equally as precisely to minute changes in head-eye positions as the triggers for our psychological problems. (And perhaps in combination with many other body experiences and positions as well?)

The math is getting really outrageous now. And probably irrelevant. There seem to be an almost infinite number of possible head-eye-body position combinations—right down to cell-by-cell possibilities. Fortunately, Don and his research team are doing some very systematic, methodical work on these things. It will be fascinating to see what they uncover next with all this stuff. They are making some fantastic contributions to our knowledge in energy psychology.

As I understand it, Don usually tests and treats many or most of the 81 (99?) possible combinations of the various eye and head positions. He does collapse them into one instant treatment sometimes, as well. And he has discovered other ways to shorten this procedure, as well. But I am not inclined to using the slower multiple position testing and treatment. So, I just go for the instant procedure and combine them all into the same treatment.

Therefore, I now add this instruction to the subconscious mind.

"Subconscious mind, whenever you treat any problem(s) that I notice and cue you to treat, you will also automatically include in the treatment:

A) every related problem that is in any way associated in my experience with the problem I am treating,

B) including all problems that have ever been established or can be triggered in all possible combinations of head and eye and body positions that I was in whenever each of those problems was being created or experienced at any time in my life, and,

C) you will now go back and add all of this additional treatment work to every problem that I have treated with any energy therapy method in the past.”

Muscle testing confirms that the subconscious will accept and instantly implement all three parts of this instruction.

Also, I always give this part C instruction whenever I add some new instruction to the subconscious. It always does the retroactive work instantly, no matter how extensive it has to be. It truly is an amazing faithful servant in so many ways!

Question: I'm eager to start using iBSFF but I've some doubts about the procedure.

Is it just describe the problem (in negative or positive?) and say the cue word after the instruction to the subconscious mind has been set? That's it?

I’d appreciate your answers as soon as possible since I'm eager to start my work with iBSFF.

Answer: Yes. That is all there is to it. Just consciously notice that you have some problem and use your cue for it. You may or may not know what the problem is or have any labels to identify it. No matter. Just notice it and treat it. Your subconscious will faithfully respond to your cue word(s) and your intention to eliminate the problem.

Your subconscious mind does the actual treatment work. You simply cue it to do so. You give the overall instructions to the subconscious just once. You never have to give them again--unless you tell your subconscious mind to stop using your word for treatments. Then it would stop working immediately.

However, if you wanted to use the treatments again, you would simply tell your subconscious mind something like, "my subconscious mind, I instruct you to reestablished the BSFF treatments just as we did before I told you to cancel them." You would not have to repeat the original instructions again. Your subconscious mind would remember what they were and immediately implement them for you again. It truly is a faithful servant in a great many ways.

I appreciate your kind remarks about the help you have gained from BSFF. I, too, consider it a total gift from God. I merely get to be the joyful messenger to share it with the world. I am so blessed to do this work.



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