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Trouble At School: Lack of Confidence, Reading Aloud & Being Bullied

Trouble At School: Lack of Confidence, Reading Aloud & Being Bullied

Max, an 11 year old boy was having trouble with a lack of confidence, reading out aloud in class and being bullied at school.

Here is a report from EMO trainer Anne Sweet on how she was able to help him read aloud and become more popular.

Anne Sweet Writes: Max is an eleven-year-old boy who lacked confidence and was bullied at school, consequently he was under achieving. I had used EMO very successfully with his mother and she asked if ET could help her son.

When I first met Max at his home he was quiet and shy and a bit embarrassed. He was sitting low down in his seat with his head lowered. I spent time getting to know him and after a few minutes he relaxed and started to tell me about his problems. He felt embarrassed because he could not read aloud in class. While he was telling me this I noticed that his hands kept moving to his chest. I then asked him what he was feeling in his chest. He replied that it felt hard. I explained that it was trapped energy and that he could move it if he focussed his attention to soften it and let it flow out of his body back to the universe. He then wanted to know where it would go, so we talked about recycling and how the energy would not be wasted or destroyed but go to something like a tree or an animal that needed the energy. He thought that that was “Cool” and that he would like to give it a try.

Max thought about how he felt when reading aloud and his hand once again went to his chest. I asked him where the energy would like to go. He said it wanted to go out through his hands. We concentrated on softening the energy so it could flow out of his body back to the universe to be recycled. He decided he would like to send it to a tiger and that was great as the energy left his body quickly. Next he chose a favourite book (Artemis Fowl) I choose a page at random and asked him to read a paragraph aloud to his mother and me. He read a paragraph without stumbling. I asked him how that felt. As it still felt a little bit hard in his chest he concentrated on softening it and this time sent it to an elephant. He chose another page at random and began to read aloud. Much to his mother’s amazement he was reading fluently with expression and when he stopped (after reading a whole page this time) he could remember what he had read. Max’s body posture had begun to change. He was sitting more upright in his seat and holding his head higher.

There was no stopping him now and I asked him if there anything else he would like to work on. He then spoke a little about being bullied at school. Again he focused his attention on his body, used his hands to trace the blockage, softened the energy and let it flow out of his body back to the universe to help another animal. Max was a quick learner and rapidly got rid of the trapped energy.


We talked a little about energy nutrition and taking good energy from the universe. While we were talking he told me that he had recently scored a six at cricket. I asked him if he could remember what that felt like. We made the pictures in that memory brighter and bigger, the sound of the applause louder. He let that energy flow in and out of his body. Max said it t felt great and we repeated it a few more times. By this time he was looking at us straight in the eye, sitting upright and appeared to be full of confidence.

In September Max went to Secondary School. His half term report says that he is working hard and achieving good grades. He is popular with the other students and liked by the staff. And much to his parent’s astonishment has been chosen for the First Rugby team.

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