Callahan on Regis and Kelly

Well Roger Calllahan was on the Regis and Kelly show this morning airing from Disneyworld in California. Kelly hosted this segment and was very enthusiastic about the tapping procedure to overcome fears of flying and heights.

Callahan himself was on for 45 seconds maximum, demonstrating 4 taps (side of the hand; inside corner of the eye; under eye and under arm). The demonstration with 17 people from Disneyworld frightened of heights was very brief. Callahan's book "Tapping the Healer Within" got a lot of exposure though, with an enthusiastic testimonial from Kelly. 13 of the 17 people were shown riding the roller coaster after the very brief tapping intervention though IMHO much/most of the effect could be accounted for by the cheerleading of a very warm, smiling, enthusiastic Kelly. The total time for the segment was about 5 minutes. Still, in the media, exposure is exposure is exposure and 5 minutes is a lot of air time for national exposure and the book cover received quite of bit of exposure for T.V.

Love, peace, joy and blessings,

Phil Friedman
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