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Case Story: EFT & A Stress-Based Smoking Habit

Case Story: EFT & A Stress-Based Smoking Habit

This fantastic case story from Lionel Thebe, a student enrolled on the Energy EFT Master Practitioner distance learning course, tackles multiple issues including smoking and failing exams, that stemmed from work-related stress.

Lionel writes: When I met Peter and shook his hand, I noticed he had a pack of cigarettes in the other. Peter came to see me and told me that he has the recurring problem of smoking an entire pack of cigarettes in one day when he feels stressed. Peter usually does not smoke. This behavior is in place for the last 3 years. He hates this habit because he feels sick after smoking all of a pack straight.

When I asked him three examples of this problem in action, he shared with me the time when he failed a professional exam, another time when he wanted to start a company with a friend who refused at the last minute and finally, he was denied a promotion at work. After noticing which of the three examples was the more painful in his body, Peter and I decided to work on the company abortion event.

Using the story protocol, Peter told me how he was originally happy to create a real estate renovation company with his best friend. They had several business lunches and dinners to brainstorm, plan and organize their action plan. However, the day before creating the company Peter received a phone call from his best friend. We tapped on "Phone call" because we sensed energy disturbances in Peter's body and Peter started the story again and went on. So his best friend told him that his wife did not want him to leave is current job to create the company and therefore, he was backing out. At that point, we tapped on "back out" and that allowed Peter to find his bearings again. As he restarted the story all over again and continued, Peter described how he felt so betrayed that he went to buy a pack of cigarette and smoked the all pack. We tapped on "I feel betrayed" for three rounds and Peter's body seemed to light up. He said it was like an old weight was leaving his stomach and that he could breathe again. We then tapped on how he wanted to feel to stop smoking compulsively and it lead to "I am free to choose" and "Healthy energy". After that, the healing event was reached and not only Peter felt awesome but the simple visualization of a single cigarette was complete non-sense to him.

When I asked Peter to reflect on the other two examples, he said that they seemed to him very old memories and that he could not retrieve the urge that made him smoke an entire pack both times. The pain associated with the echoes was gone and he was happily surprised.

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