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Energy EFT Case Story: A Euphoric Experience

Energy EFT Case Story: A Euphoric Experience

A tough tale from Fay Lochore. Here she details a horrific case of childhood abuse and a big challenge for a first time case. Well done to Fay for taking on such a case and helping this person go for a dark place to one he describes as "euphoric".

Read on for the full story...

I qualified in Energy EFT with Peter Delves in Kenilworth on 26th January this year.

I had my first booking in February - this was a 55 year old male who had been having psychotherapy for 17 years to deal with trauma for past abuse issues from his father.

I was nervous about trying to deal with his issues as I am newly qualified and didn't feel I could charge for my services.

This man had one session with me that lasted an hour and half and with the use of metaphors to describe how he was feeling -he told me of his childhood and how his father used to beat him with sticks - while he was undressed - he would always be punished in the bathroom, just before bedtime - and be beaten with sticks that would make him bleed. His mother knew what was going on but was to frightened to do anything about it.

My client came to me and explained about his childhood and how he lived in fear of his father, but there was one occasion that had affected him ore than all the other occasions. My client had come home from school to see his father waiting for him, the school had called his father to say they believe that my client had put chewing gum on the teachers seat.....this was not true, though. My client had not done anything, in fact he was a timid boy who was always very well behaved. When he got home - his father told him to strip down to his pants and proceeded to give his the worst most prolonged whipping and painful session that he had ever endured. Something that he had never ever gotten over.

Years later he confronted his father and told his father that he was innocent and that he wanted his father to say sorry. But his father refused to say sorry, in fact his father was not remorseful at all for the way he had treated his son all through his childhood.

So I saw my client in my yoga class and he came up to me - his shoulders were rounded and he was stuck in this position all his life, a kind of self protection....he told me he had been having 17 years of psychotherapy for abuse issues and trauma....I offered to give him some eft - he had not heard of it before.

He started off by telling me that he was gay - his father doesn't know - he is 57 years of age and has suffered all his life at the hands of his abusive father - he gave me a specific memory - the one above - and rated it at -10 and black and all around his arms - his back his chest and inside his veins - like a sharp vine with  claws scraping at him from inside.....we did a few rounds of tapping on the feelings and he continued to describe them as inside his body - he used words like a vine growing inside his veins with claws on, after 45 mins - these words were reduced to soft tubes with soft finger nails.  He took off his belt from his trousers and told me it was restricting him, then he took off his jumper saying he was hot - and then we opened a window so he could breath better - Eventually after a few rounds of tapping and reducing the feelings he said that all this had gone - so we worked on some positive statements  and after and hour and a half - he went home saying he felt "euphoric"

I saw him 2 weeks after the session in in one of my yoga classes and he said that he wished he had had eft years ago - instead of having endured 17 years of psychotherapy.. He has now recommended his physiotherapist to me and his partner!

Fay Lochore


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