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EFT, Anxiety and Relationships - EFT Case Story

EFT, Anxiety and Relationships - EFT Case Story

This Case Story comes from Dolores Andrew-Gavin, here she details a session with a client who was experiencing anxiety after a relationship break-up. After some regression and EFT, a more positive outlook on life for achieved!

Dolores writes: I recently saw a 36-year-old woman named Lauren (not her real name) who came to me as she was suffering anxiety because of a serious of relationships that had broken up. She felt there was a part of herself that self sabotaged each relationship. She could almost see a pattern that every time a relationship seemed to be going well she would push a partner away and another relationship would end. She really wanted to settle down, get married and start a family but felt stuck and was quite upset.

Read on for the full story...

We started with doing a round of tapping to get our energy up followed by another to de-stress and to have our energy flowing freely.

Lauren then mentioned that she would often get a feeling in her throat/neck area and it seemed almost like it was restricted there.

We started to tap on the feeling she had in her neck/throat area and the restricted feelings she suffered from. After two rounds she recalled a memory from her past when her otherwise loving father had gotten very angry with her and had thrown her across a table and had put his hands around her throat. She remembered that she had felt shocked at the angry outburst of her father whom she adored and had felt humiliated that he had done it in front of others.

So we did several rounds of tapping on the emotions that had arisen from these memories. We tapped on her humiliation. She realised that her humiliation was related to her loss of power to a man in that situation and so we tapped on this issue also. We tapped on the guilt she held onto for making him so angry.

It was apparent that these strong emotions were deep rooted in Lauren's energy body and were playing out in her relationships now. She said it was as if she did not trust men and realised now that the reason she pushed them away was in case she let herself love them only to be left humiliated all over again.

We also tapped on her feeling of powerlessness and included her feelings about men in general. The purpose of this round was to be clear any energetic blocks she had unconsciously created around men in general.

Lauren realised that any man that got very close to her was being punished and pushed away because of these deep-rooted emotions.

Lauren experienced a lot of release during the session and felt lighter.

At the end I asked her to visualise the feelings she would have in a happy relationship with a man she trusted. We did a round of tapping on holding onto these happy feelings and the fact that she was entitled to have happiness and love in her life.

From this session it was evident that Lauren had disassociated herself from a painful memory of an incident that had happened when she was young. She had internalised negative emotions such as humiliation and powerlessness and in doing so a part of her was also stuck in the past.

Although she could not change the past she could take the emotional charge from the situation and the events surrounding it. She found herself able to consider a happy future now in which she could allow herself to trust men again.

It was a very positive outcome for Lauren. She has emailed once since and although she has not got married yet (!) she states that she certainly feels more positive with men and feels more on a level par with them.

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