Changing A Reputation With EFT

Changing A Reputation With EFT EMO creator and international EFT expert Silvia Hartmann writes: "For some time now, I have had a magic advice column on a popular magic website which is frequented by a high proportion of english speaking teenagers. It astonished me just how many requests and cries for help there were coming in on a daily basis relating to a person's reputation - what other people in their social group were thinking about them, and saying behind their backs, and sometimes to their faces. This is clearly a very important aspect that feeds back on an individual's self concept and how they would both view themselves, as well as how they might act based on such information. I have also thought that even though most adults are not as obsessed with their reputations as these teenagers clearly are, this can be a very important factor in personal development and self help; for this reason I have written up the following EFT based protocol to change a person's societal reputation."

Using The EFT Proxy Protocol On A Social Group

This protocol involves using the basic EFT proxy protocol, but it is not aimed at a single other this time. Instead, a whole group is being addressed and becomes the target who we change by tapping on ourselves as we stand in (become the proxy) for that group.

This is interesting because a social group can be anything from the local rabbit breeder's society to the Royal College of Physicians, a person's family, their inlaws, their sports club, a gang or a group of friends, the road in which they live, their church and everything else besides.

In my opinion, one of the most powerful aspects of this protocol is already in the first step.

In Classic EFT, the problem is named DIRECTLY in order to "hit" those parts of the energy system which are in need of re-balancing.

In the case of an individual's reputation in a society of any kind, we find that the negative beliefs held about the individual, brought out into the open for the first time, are already breaching old barriers about things which are too painful to think about, which have to be denied and held at bay at all costs, and which are rarely if ever honestly assessed in consciousness.

For example, "Everyone in this town thinks I'm a whore," brought out into the open in and of itself begins to reduce the severity of the disturbance that is normally denied, repressed and thought away from to avoid distress.

Tapping The Meta-Person

In the example above, the entity that will be proxy tapped is "this town". Even though to the practitioner that description might not make much sense, the person in question will know EXACTLY who they mean by that collective term, so there is no need to get much more specific than that. If it should prove to be more specific (the source of the rumours might be the mayor's wife, in the example we are using) as the treatment progresses, we can switch at any time and treat an individual within the society in question as "an aspect" of the overall problem.

The opening statement for the above example would be the normal proxy statement, therefore:

"Even though everyone in this town thinks I'm a whore, I deeply and profoundly love and accept this town."

* Please note that when you are tapping an entity, such as "this town", "my family", "the law", "everyone at school" etc. you are dealing with this as though it was a single organism, a meta-person if you will, and you are using EFT on this meta-person to remove their misconceptions, blockages and reversals, so that this meta-person "may see the light", feel better and experience that classic change of heart on the problem that a single person experiences during an EFT treatment.

** It is also quite fascinating to notice that the exact same objections that would normally be raised in self help treatments, such as "But I can't possibly love and accept myself with THAT problem!" and "But isn't this an affirmation? Aren't I making it worse?" are perfectly present once more - this is a structural thing in EFT and it applies to an entity, just as it does to a person, or even a part of a person just the same.

Many Reputations, Many Applications ...

I chose the above example and opening statement because it is harsh and yet familiar to every one of us from one vantage or the other and demonstrates the principle of proxy tapping a societal entitity or collection of individuals, the meta-person, to achieve a change in an individual's status and reputation, as well as to achieve a change in their self concept along the way.

There are many lesser versions of this, and I would say that everyone has one or two of these sort things relating to their self image spooking around in their neurology - true or not, it matters not.

"Everybody thinks that I am ugly."

"The research committee keeps rejecting my proposals as poorly thought out."

"No-one in my sports club takes me seriously."

"My co-workers don't trust me."

"My family says that I am a disappointment."

"Everybody knows that I'm a bad father."

"People round here think I'm stupid."

These are just a few examples of what this pattern is about - to change the perception of a societal group towards one individual, and to change the individual's perception of the group AND of themselves for the better.

In Conclusion

This is very interesting pattern both in personal development as well as in treating clients who suffer from low self esteem; in many cases it opens up new lines of enquiry and brings with it clearing and restoration of very old systems, removing entrainments and helping an individual to find a new place for themselves within their societies, whatever they may be.

Silvia Hartmann
November 2006

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