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Changing Your Emotional Relationship With Money

Changing Your Emotional Relationship With Money

After attending an EMO support group, Cheryl Hopkins decided to change her relationship with Money using EMO.

Find out how Cheryl changed her relationship with money, and how you too can improve your relationship with money with easy EMO exercises.

 set myself the challenge of changing my relationship with money after attending Kim Bradley’s new monthly ET support group; it’s all too easy to ‘work’ on something in a session only for it to be forgotten about in daily life. The following is a taster of what I’ve discovered in the hope that it will improve your money life too!

Note: You can find a list of all the ‘money’ exercises I’ve created and experimented with, on my website.

So, tell me:

    *      How comfortable do you feel when you’re holding money? (Go grab a note from your purse and check out how you feel in your body)

    *      What sensations do you have when you see other people with money?

    *      How do you feel when you’re using your credit/debit cards: are you filled with joyous flow or dreaded anxiety as you anticipate your monthly statement?

I’ve been looking at, smelling, touching even tasting money and letting the energy run through me… why? Because as an everyday experience I noticed just how uncomfortable I was feeling around it; the pain in my stomach as I handled cash… how I shoved my credit/debit cards into the chin & pin machine… the pain as I looked at my statements… I was sick and tired of feeling this way and set off on a quest to clean it up on a daily basis after all, how can I expect money to flow to me when it’s headed straight for a bottleneck (of energy)!

Part of my daily experimentation has just been holding money and letting the energy run through me: as I set off for my walk today I take a £5 note that I’ve been sent for completing an online survey (remember to ET money you receive); I keep it in my hand… I look at it and feel its texture… I notice a slight tightness in my stomach… as I run its energy through me I begin to see ‘just’ a piece of paper, a piece of paper I/we use as a means of ‘exchange’; I exchange aspects of my life for this paper and then this paper (or equivalent) for other things like my home, food, clothes, toys; I could just as easily be exchanging chestnuts, berries, stones - I’m walking across Epping Bell Common as I contemplate this.

I think of an article I’ve read in today’s Sunday paper about the Billions of pounds profit Barclays and Goldman Sachs banks have just made; whilst reading it I feel anger and want to reject the article and push it away… I decide to let myself feel the anger, the energy… it gets me thinking about what it is that money really represents and why companies strive for it… why financial organisations seem obsessed with making money for the sake of making money… pushing for more and more growth and then it occurs to me: the bank isn’t making money… it’s the people that make up the corporate that are wanting more money – I ask myself why do they want more money… why do I want more money? What’s it really about… a list of words spill out:

    *      Unfairness, obsession, pain, dishonour, me.. me.. me..
    *      Fun, joy, challenge, can do, adventure, ease… comfort, play

The 1st part of the list shows me my repulsion… my energy block to money; I ‘see’ the disgust I have towards it when I think of it… a further dig and I see my truth; my pain, my fear for my own survival… that every human being is looking to minimise the pain they feel and money is just being used as a means to do that; money is taking the misguided ‘hope’ that it’ll keep us ‘safe’; I reflect on the last couple of days and how I’ve EMOd my underlying fear for survival. The 2nd part of the list shows me my hope; it shows me ‘my money desires’ and forms the basis of new programming and energy nutrition. Tell me, what are your money pains and desires?

   1.      Hold a £10 note in your hand and write down what comes to mind
   2.      Hold a bill in your hand and write down what comes to mind
   3.      Look at the wealth around… how do you feel; write it down

Three simple steps may highlight some of your beliefs about money and as you dig deeper take a look at the real root of your money issues; do you ‘see’ fear about your survival, of having enough, of being enough… of being worthy? This is where the real injury lies.

Getting to the root (injury)

To plant anew you have to clean out old roots and weeds that lay in the soil: Ask yourself… your unconscious mind… your body to show you where the original injury around money is (when you first felt unsafe… not good enough in the world), you’ll feel it soon enough. Set your intention to soften and flow this out of your system forever! Maybe, you’ll do it over a period of time… maybe you’ll find different aspects to it… but do this work because without it you’ll just keep clearing off surface gunk e.g. I’ve been clearing out top level issues around money as I shop but a real shift has begun since I’ve tackled my ‘fear of survival and feeling safe’.

Planting new MONEY seeds

Once you clean out the gunk, you can begin to plant new wealth seeds; the following are some of the exercises I’ve ended up creating and experimenting with over the past 3 weeks; try them out for yourself, adapt them… find what works for you and EMO through any blocks; I’d love your feedback, so Email Me!

   1.      Allow the energy of money to flow through you: look at it, touch it, listen to it (drop some coins), smell it, taste it; soften and flow and discomfort.

   2.      Joyously let the energy of money run through you when ever you give or receive it e.g. when someone hands you your card or change when shopping.

   3.      Love the feel of your purse/wallet… lovingly place the cards and cash in it.

   4.      Thank your money for coming to you; we all love praise so why should money be any different after all, it’s all energy!

   5.      Absorb the ‘money’ energy of items in your home e.g. the TV, furniture, clothes, food… the building itself; remember, wealth comes in many forms.

   6.      Absorb the energy of big money items when you’re out and about: People’s houses, their cars… I passed a Ferrari 512 and a Corvette this morning; I love cars but strangely enough was ‘unaffected’ by these two… I think I was more interested in the £5 in my hand, but then I saw a BMW M3… I felt a big hit in my stomach – I have issues with BMW drivers – here was a great opportunity to let the energy run through me because I was rejecting an icon of ‘wealth’ and it’s only energy!

   7.      EMO your bank statement; line by line, really connect with what you’ve spent / accumulated.

   8.      Run through the energy of ‘allowing’ yourself to have money; of feeling worthy.

   9.      Run through the energy of ‘being a millionaire’.

  10.      Magic bean up your sweeties / food/ drinks: whilst on a car journey I was offered some Gumi bears… I invoked them with the energy of wealth, success, health, abundance (after running it through my system) and had a whale of a time sucking every last drop of each of them.

  11.      Savour your money: Keep a £20 in your purse, in your pocket… on your PC; efeel it throughout the day… give yourself a ‘high’ cause here you have enough money to buy a little something to wear, to eat, to travel… and you’re absorbing it many times over. Better still, do this with every denomination.

  12.      Pick up any loose change you come across: I find 1p to £20 notes! EMO the joy of finding it and any blocks that come up.

  13.      Create a wealth journal: I have one where I log my EMO practice in terms of concepts/exercises I use, what I notice in my body, what works well/helps/hinders my flow (for example, I like standing up and moving about when I do ET), how my thoughts have shifted and what money gifts I’ve received i.e. I’ve found money, come across opportunities to make it, been bought gifts (ET these through), have come up with lots of ideas...

Go to http://www.changeitliveit.co.uk/dynamicdata/etmoney.aspx?id=2 for more!

Ultimately, relating to ‘money’ is an ongoing adventure; one that requires you to:

   1.      Clear up original injuries (ask your body to show you where these are)
   2.      Run through new wealth concepts that you want (such as above)
   3.      Enjoying the nutrition of everything ‘money’ based in everyday life

If you’d like a hand clearing up money issues, please feel free to contact me; I’m an advanced ETP with a passion for clearing out all the sabotaging behaviour that makes work (life) hell, and money definitely plays its part there! Be sure to check out www.changeitliveit.co.uk for insights, tips and services.

Enjoy your adventure!


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