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The Child - A Healing Energy Meditation

The Child - A Healing Energy Meditation

The Child is an energy hypnosis meditation for the child within - a form of magical poem that raises energies and in doing so, creates an event in the energy system.

To get the best results with this inner child meditation script, read it out aloud and EVOKE the story with meaning and energy.

Inner Child Poem/Meditation

The Child

Energy Magic/Hypnosis Script/Meditation The Child by Silvia Hartmann, 2003 from Heart Healing HypnoDreams


The Child

Blessed upon
by the very stars in heaven,
in silent reverie and once upon a time,
a child came into being.

This child was precious beyond prize
and beloved, yes it was,
and of those who waited to
receive this gift
into their holy care
there were a few
who felt that they
did not deserve
this honour,
that they did not
themselves to be
allowed to be here.

And yet they were,
and the child,
it came to them.

It came willing
and with grace,
to give its all
to give its self
to them, to us.

A great celebration
ensued in return
but it was a silent
celebration that sang
not with noise or
the banging of the drums
for there are times
when all of that
and a different
kind of music
is required.

A different kind of music
that is never heard but
known and felt.

A different kind of music
not with notes you study
scales you practice day on day
but a music that is singing
sweetly as the essence of itself -
tones so pure and right.

This was the greeting
and the moment of arrival,
when the child had come
to give the waiting ones
just what they needed,
what they dreamed of
what they wanted,
and they stood in holiness
and deepest awe
becoming whole
the gift of gifts,

at last.

Silvia Hartmann, May 2003

The Child - Inner Child Energy Hypnosis Script/ Meditation From HypnoDreams 2,  Heart Healing

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