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Christmas Energy Exercise - Shine A Light On Christmas

Christmas Energy Exercise - Shine A Light On Christmas

Margarita Foley Writes: “Christmas” and you are either filled with joy or you shudder at the thought of all you have to do, cards to be sent, presents to buy, house to be decorated, pre-Christmas celebrations. Oh, dear me and the true deep enjoyment of Christmas is hidden under it all. So this year let’s take an EMO journey back in time and bring rich presents back with us for our year ahead. This will help us put the credit crunch and all that in perspective...

Are we ready? Let’s begin by clearing out any blocked energy from our feelings about Christmas. Maybe it’s the dreaded feeling of loneliness that can come down like November fog and congest the energy.

Where do you feel it in your body? In your head? In your shoulders?

Wherever you feel it just focus there and let the energy soften and allow it to find its own pathway out from your body. Yes, it will show you where it wants to travel. Just follow its movement and allow it to flow until you feel your energy clearing and you feel a sea change in your body.

Whatever negative emotions you feel when you think about Christmas can be cleared in the same way, your dislike of shopping, preparing food, the crowds, the rushing about and so forth.


And that’s not all. If you are one of those happy people who really love the softness and warmth of Christmas you can draw all the energy you need from this again through Emotrance.

Allow yourself to return to a time when you experienced this in the past. Re visit the experience. See the scene again in your mind’s eye, the setting and everything that created an atmosphere that you fondly remember. As you gaze on the scene you may re-experience the same feelings. Let them flow into you and through you and out until you are vibrating with the happiness that has radiated to you over the years and lit up your life in the present.

If there is a cloud on the horizon of your memories such as the loss of some dear one who was present then you can bring healing there too by releasing the feelings with Emotrance.


Of course if Christmas memories are just a nightmare for you, it is possible to release negative feelings related to those memories with Emotrance. You can recreate the scene in your imagination as you want it to have been.

With Emotrance you can evoke all the love and happiness you desire to remember and you can allow all this energy to flow through your whole body and be stamped in your very cells.


The reason why we celebrate Christmas is lost for many of us, but we still carry in our hearts the radiance of its meaning. That is the ‘being present’ to our friends and family and clients and letting them know how important they are to us. We can give this expression in all sorts of ways. However the origin and source of Christmas is the coming among us and the ‘being present’ to us of Jesus who for Christians is the incarnation of God’s Love.

I personally love the warmth and tenderness evoked by the representation of the crib with Mary, Joseph and the Child, the visit of the shepherds with their simple gift of lambs, or the wise men with the richness of their gifts.

The angels song never fails to recapture the joy of childhood Christmases when I remember the deep vibrant voices of men and the tender voices of women singing ‘Silent night, Holy night…..

If these are your memories you can revisit them. You can draw again all the calmness and strength and tenderness of the memories you carry. These memories may have been buried deep inside you but they can be recovered like hidden treasure. Personally I love to look at babies (especially other people’s babies!!!) They evoke for me the purity and limpidity of soul that I long for.

This Christmas look into the faces of little children and recover the beauty of your own soul when you draw in the energy evoked in you. You do not have to speak to children or touch them in any other way. You have simply to allow their energy into and through you.

May we each have a wonderful Christmas and no matter what our economic situation we will find all the abundance we desire. And as the law of attraction says, we will get more of what we focus on.

Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance be ours this Christmas wherever we are.

Margarita Foley

December 17th 20008

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