Cinderella & the Energy of Celebrity

Cinderella & the Energy of Celebrity

With the growth of celebrity based programming on television, more and more people wish they too could be in the spotlight. EMO Trainer Margarita Foley looks into the need for us all to take a refreshing Energy Shower and realise that we are already celebrities!

“I’m a celebrity get me out of here”. “I want to be a celebrity. It’s all I ever wanted”.
“Come dancing with a celebrity”. We are all bedazzled for weeks on end by the beautiful clothes, the romantic music, the graceful movements and the skill of the professionals and the celebrities. And then it is all over and we wonder what next?

Cinderella, too, found a release from her dull life downstairs slaving for her ugly sisters.  That is, until the arrival of the fairy godmother. Everything changed. She became a princess with a coach and four and met her wonderful prince. All too soon the clock struck midnight. The ball was over and Cinderella lost her coach and four. She returned to her ragged and miserable life. Poor Cinderella.

But her Prince sought and found her. He was connected to her by her slipper which she lost in her haste. They were reunited once more and lived happily ever after. And we sigh with happiness that it all ended so well.

“I want to be celebrated.” Oh yes I do. Do you want to be celebrated? Of course you do. However we all can’t be on X factor and we can’t all be in Strictly Come Dancing. So how can we be celebrities? We cannot become celebrities because we already are celebrities. And it is the time of year to be who we are.

I can see you nodding your head in confusion and wondering.

So for a moment say the words, “I’m a celebrity” aloud to yourself and notice how it feels. Do you feel it inside you? Or is it way out there in space?  If you have been brainwashed into thinking that you have to be on a reality show to be a celebrity you need to take a refreshing shower of energy. Let it ripple gently through your spirit, deep into your soul. Let it cleanse and refresh the eyes of your spirit and allow you to become aware of the fact that you are a celebrity.

Christmas is the time for us to remember why we are all celebrities. The rush and bustle of buying and doing is about celebration but it can hide the reality. Along comes the clock which strikes midnight – the credit crunch. And we return to reality. The coach and four have disintegrated. Was our celebration based on the things we can buy for each other?  What are we to do?  Now is the time for the Prince to arrive. But he does not hold a slipper. He is hidden under the shape of a baby. He is poor and needs shelter and food and clothing. He needs caring and loving and all the things a baby needs. And where is Cinderella? Is she too frightened to approach him? She looks around and hears the song of the Angels who sing. “Peace on earth to people of goodwill”. Then Cinderella recognises the face of the fairy godmother. She knows her Prince has come. She knows now that she is truly a celebrity.

We can now say “I am a celebrity”. We can allow the energy of the words to flow through us and energise our whole being. We can let the joy flow through us because of who we really are. We can release the blockages in our spirit and allow the qualities of peace, forgiveness, generosity and tenderness, that make us celebrities to flow through until we are filled with the dance of the divine and the human in each of us.

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