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Clearing a Path for World Peace

Clearing a Path for World Peace

Current GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner student Dr Timothy Ryan has put together an article which discusses the importance of humanity as a whole gaining awareness and understanding of the energy body ย and techniques such as Energy EFT in order to overcome the troubles that currently afflict us.

Dr Ryan writes:ย It is my humble belief that overly stressed, fearful aspects are holding the dream world hostage right now. There is war, economic break down, famine and global unrest because of humanities' increasing stress and fracturing of consciousness, or should I say the the breakdown of collective energy body.

I believe this is somewhat a necessary transition because we have become so dependence on external form. However, the sad truth is that mankind, for the most part, at the current time, does not have the ability or skill to know how to reduce its stress. The sadder truth is that humanity has even less awareness, skill and/or ability to know how to evolve its stress. The inability to reduce stress or evolve stress into higher energy vibration is a major road block to world peace.

Our society and global mind has lost its way and is travelling down a distressing and dark path without any vision or self connection to its source. Life is without human interference is a natural evolution of ever increasing higher integrated energy structures with grater bandwidths of harmonious vibrations. Our true nature is a blossoming of creative evolution. As long as the majority of people are in a comatose, stressed out trance states without awareness or skills to reduce their stress, there is little hope for the evolution of humanity as a whole. Without the ability to self connect to our basic energy bodies, the projected world energy systems will continue to fragment. It doesn't matter how many therapist or solders we send it to repair or suppress it or how much we quantum ease it. Attempting to create world peace from a position of disconnection will fail. Just like a leaf removed from its source the tree it decays. When we are separated from our source - our body energy vitality, we die. A leaf may look good for awhile it may even try to adorn itself but in the end it disintegrates. We are cut off from our source and we are indulging instead of reducing our stress thinking systems. As long as we avoid learning how to relieve and evolve our stress, we will continue to be a confusing muddle of fragmented conflicting desires and judgements. I truly believe unless there is a clearer path -a healing restorative path which focuses on the real issue, there is little hope to bring about world peace.

Clearing a Path To Know How to Connect To Truth.

Attempting to change physical form without knowing our truth as energy bodies will only lead to greater conflict and disintegration. Identification with form attacking or managing other aspects of form is like taking a cabbage shredder to life in an attempt to create wholeness in the name world peace. Unless our identity is firmly grounded in our energy body which at its core is the Stillness of Being and has assurance of its connection to all aspects of True Reality we may never know the point of being in the world in the first place. We are here to celebrate our Truth that Energy is our REAL NATURE our REAL SELF.

We must find a way to remove the veil of our stress inducing the fragmented mental constructions. I have found Energy EFT Tapping to be enormously helpful in shifting me to become my energy body or become aware my true nature peaceful, loving and flowing. I have been amazed when I introduce tapping to clients the original problem they presented which seem overwhelming and hopeless suddenly after tapping vaporizes. When I read it back to them they are amazed and say "I dont relate to that at all; 'ts meaningless and laughable." It's true, as seen from the energetic body or spiritually conscious self there are really no problems when we break through to the awakening of the energy of this eternal now moment. When life is seen from the energetic self, its a hologram of of beautiful energy. Every part reflect the whole. We are all inter-connected and made up of the same stuff ENERGY. You can not add or do anything to take away energy. Energy is our true nature. You can think that you can think apart from it but that's about it. Energy is our true source of aliveness. Energy is the essence making life Energy is the reality of Love, Happiness, Peace and all other spiritual integrative qualities. Energy is the nature of our humanity. Energy is our sacred covenant with life itself. Energy is our sacred covenant with one another. It is a sacred duty to help one another return to the our original nature and reality as Energy Beings of Consciousness. Once we have tools to de-stress and know how to evolve our split off negative mental emotional aspects we naturally return to homoeostasis. We know our Truth, Stress talk disappears the veil of projections fade away like cleaning a window pane we know the Truth of who we are and we know our True Source.

Helping an individual tap away his/her stress and connect to their natural energy body or spiritual reality frees the person to re-experience a natural flow of their own self regulating, self sustaining and self renewing harmonious energy body. This happens naturally with we listen and stay connected to the energy body. Helping people return to their natural flow is our greatest hope for the future and the first and foremost step to world peace. There can not be any peace unless peace begins by connecting to the energy within. The energy of peace and love knows itself and would never do anything to harm another because the other is an aspect of it's own energy self.

When we live as disconnected bound up stressed aspects, separated from our energy bodies, we live in fear and judgement and default to projections into the world of our own stress out self-hate, which leads to inevitable war and self-annihilation. All our judgemental aspects cling to protective filters as barricades putting up walls of ever increasing isolation and separation imposed on us by our own aspects.

When we don't evolve our hostile interjects, our negative internal representation with clusters of stuck limiting beliefs, we send out echoes which continually reinforce continuing layers un-evolved aspects. These aspects become the collective pain body of the world crying out in collective fear and and rage as separated entities cut off and starving for its life serving energy essence.

Our True Self and the Truth of Our Reality is the same Truth of Reality itself - Life is Energy and Energy will only seek to fulfil its purpose healing, integration and evolving in greater harmonious forms representing and extending greater harmonious patterns life energy. If you burn down a forest. Left to its own nature, the forest will reseed itself and regrow itself without interference. There is a natural nature of our own energy body which desires to release stress, reconnect to our own energy nature and evolve ourselves.

There is a need, now, more than ever to help people learn how to reduce stress and wake up by evolving their energy systems. Without tools for stress reduction and evolving our limited aspects we may never know how to lay down our filters and to build bridges instead of walls to reality energy oneness.

Connecting with our energy helps us know all people as aspects of ourselves. There is little hope for any peaceful resolution or good will toward one another on any level of the planet if we don't evolve our dysfunctional energy structures. Only when mankind can take responsibility for self-energizing past judgement and fear can mankind know peace.

Blessings to us all Healers,

May you have a clear path to healing and evolving the planet in the name of world peace.

Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D.

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