Clearing Past Life Trauma with EMO

Clearing Past Life Trauma with EMO

EMO Trainer Patricia DancingElk writes: What I love about the EMO seminars most is the range of people and the issues they bring.ย  Even as a trainer I learn something new with each seminar and client because there are always new stories, new circumstances, and new trauma to be healed.

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There were 10 attendees at this last training.ย  Large trainings are great.ย  Small trainings offer more personal attention and instruction.ย  Also, where people might be hesitant to open up about issues in a large training, small trainings are usually more open.

This last training one of the participants asked if EMO could help heal past life traumas. My first instinct was to say โ€œOf course. EMO can help with anythingโ€. As this has been my experience. Then I thought for a brief second, โ€œCould it? Really?โ€ย  So, I replied to her โ€œletโ€™s play!โ€ I asked her for a brief description of her issue. She was dealing with depression due to recurring visions and dreams of being in Egypt holding a small child and seeing her husband going off to war. The husband died in war. In her current life her relationships were not lasting and she was not in a relationship right now. This was a challenge and I love challenges! I love new ways and new testimonies for EMO.

So, we began.ย  I asked her to close her eyes and envision or replay the dream sequence and to let me know where this emotion was in her body. I had her soften it until it moved and then, of course, we followed it though and out of her body. This was very emotional for her. Instead of just taking her through the same exercise a second time I asked her to envision the husband walking toward her from a great distance. Then we softened that reaction through and out of her body. The next time I asked her to see him walking away again, softening through and out of her body again. We did this several times. Each time I could see and improvement in her physical/emotional response to the vision. The last time I asked her to envision kissing him goodbye as if he were only going on a vacation or short journey then softening through and out the energy.

She reported that she was much calmer and felt better about the situation after the exercise.ย  The other class participants commented on how much clearer and brighter her face was after the exercise.ย  I love this work!!!

Patricia DancingElk

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