Competition to Celebrate's 1Millionth Page View!!!

Competition to Celebrate's 1Millionth Page View!!! is dawning on its one millionth page view and to celebrate we are holding a competition with prizes generously donated by The Sidereus Foundation and DragonRising Publishing. This is an incredible milestone for us. Since September of 2001 when we began count the GoE has become renound for serving the latest news, articles, press releases, qualified practitioner listings, event information, free downloads, product information, reviews & much much more. 2004.07.19: Winners Announced, thank you very much to everyone who entered!

Winners Announced!!!

A big thank you to the hundreds of you who entered the competition wishing us happy celebrations and congratulations upon reaching our 1 millionth page view. The GoE would like to take this opportunity to thank all its members, supporters, visitors and well wishers. The lucky winners are listed below-

1 x Meridian Therapies Distance Courses including 1 Years Certification Fees

Winner: Kerri Gould - Queensland, Australia

5 x Special EFT Packs

Winners: Dave Bamber- Manchester, UK

Barry Cooper- London, UK

Josh Deegan- Ontario, Canada

Kathryn Martyn- Washington, USA

Edel Moylan - Galway, Ireland

5 x The Art & Science of Emotional Freedom by Ananga Sivyer

Winners: Angelika Andrews- Mรผnchen , Germany

Dr Nils Jacobson- Kristianstad, Sweden

Jan Rayner- Essex, UK

Paul Sims- Nottingham, UK

Kerry Tilton- Los Angeles, USA

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