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Modern Energy Dating Coach Training

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Help your clients attract beautiful new partners, teach them how to approach anyone, learn to spot opportunities, pass on tips for effortless dating and get their 1st circuitry flowing freely.

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Many of your clients will consider their love and social lives as a drought, "getting lucky", something that "just happened", or another world they don't feel connected to. Through The Energy of Attraction model by Alex Kent you'll be taught advanced skills for making them feel alive again.

Help your clients in attaining "Social, Romantic and Sexual Abundance", meaning having good friends, going on dates and having sex become choices they can make because they attract, create and recognise the abundance of opportunities around them.

Whether your client's wish is to be single, or find "the one", becoming an Energy Dating coach will help make them their most attractive selves possible.

On this course you'll be taught:

  • The Energy of Attraction Model.
  • How to tailor your coaching to your client's individual needs and how they learn the best.
  • Identifying and moving forwards on baseline energy threshold shifts.
  • Exercises for enjoying standing out, approach invincibility and how to connect with strangers.
  • Be able to recognise opportunities and take action.
  • Client safety through the Ten Karmandments.
Course Details
Qualification GoE Modern Energy Dating Coach
On completion, you'll be awarded:
  • Six month extension to your GoE Professional Practitioner Membership or
  • Three month extension to your GoE Professional Trainer membership
Course Requirements

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Course Authors Alex Kent
Number of Course Units 4
Course Units


Course Available via:

This qualification may be taught by:

  • Live Training - Yes
  • Distance Learning via Email - No
  • Distance Learning via Skype - No
Who Can Teach This Course Until the course content is finalised only Alex Kent may teach this course. 
Training Materials The Energy of Attraction by Alex Kent

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Wendy Fry,
Energy Dating Coach The Modern Energy Dating Coach training built upon the solid foundation of "The Energy of Attraction" book by Alex Kent which outlines the importance of energising before any interaction. Insights were gained as to low energy states and activities including online dating and use of alcohol which for many, are last resorts to meet a partner and who infuse themselves to feel more confident.

The training helped me to identify where I hold back from taking action on both personal and professional levels due to past experiences and also future fears with the opposite sex as well as possibly misreading signals when others have been 'interested in me' and my presumption of the intention behind the interaction may not always be true.

It was helpful for me to note 'that it's okay to be an attractive woman, to welcome attention and to be confident and proud of my assets as such and still have the ability to say no if something doesn't feel right for me and that it is okay for me to be picky in terms of attracting the right people, situations and circumstances into my life.

Both the training and the book I highly recommend if you want to move beyond hoping Mr or Mrs right will magically fall into your life. Using the techniques and tactics shared you'll bring the energy of attraction into your life and become a more attractive, more desirable and more social, if you want more sexual abundance too, there's nothing stopping you except yourself!

Wendy Fry, Energy Dating Coach

Paul Grant
Energy Dating Coach I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of training with Alex Kent in this new GoE Energy Dating Coach qualification.

Alex provided brilliant understanding and insights into this specialised coaching. The expanded understanding of the Energy Chart and how to apply it to different situations is invaluable to working with clients in this field and can be applied to many different areas too.

The Energy of Attraction book is truly a masterpiece and the exercises are brilliant and deal with practical problems that people face in their social life.

I loved it and I am very excited by the possibilities this training offers me in developing my business as well as my leadership and social skills.

Big thank you to Alex Kent for following his ideas and creating this training.

Paul Grant Energy Dating Coach

Sandra Hillawi
GoE Trainer of Trainers Really great training Alex Kent. Congratulations.... Great complement to The Energy of Attraction book for coaches wanting to help people in this area of attraction and dating.

Sandra Hillawi GoE Trainer of Trainers

Jorge Vence
GoE Trainer Great training! Thank you so much Alex Kent for bringing into this world such great book and training.

Jorge Vence GoE Trainer

Ilka Wandel
GoE Trainer Nice Energy, amazing training and cool topic...never saw it this way...whoohoo...it was really fun, thank you Alex ...was an amazing experience....

Ilka Wandel GoE Trainer

Modern Energy Dating Coach Trainers

This is a list of energists qualified to teach the Modern Energy Dating Coach course. Please click through to the contact details on their profile:

Alex Kent Alex Kent (East Sussex, England)

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