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The GoE MONEY!!! Course

The GoE MONEY!!! Courselogo

The BRAND NEW GoE MONEY!!! Course - engaging the Power of the Positives to create a REAL threshold shift and a NEW pathway into a truly rich future.

  • 4 week online course with Silvia Hartmann
  • Starts Friday, January 11th at 11am GMT
  • Watch the live and interactive video streams as they are broadcast, or you can watch and participate afterwards in your own time
  • For GoE members only, however there is a very special offer which includes this course, 90 days membership and GoE Modern Energy Foundation - see: MONEY!!! and Membership Special Offer






Let's create NEW Energy Events

Let's create REAL threshold shifts

Let's take our MONEY POWER to the next level!


4 Units

Many amazing exercises



The POWER of the Positives

to turn


into true, permanent


Money Success!




 Learn directly with the Creator of Modern Energy

Silvia Hartmann


A unique gift for GoE Members Only

Just £24.97 GBP

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Non-members click here for special offer


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Course Format:

This FIRST EVER GoE MONEY!!! Course with Silvia Hartmann

starts January 11th at 11am GMT

Join the private MONEY!!! group where you will receive the instructions and exercises directly from Silvia Hartmann herself.

This course runs for 4 weeks, with a new set of MONEY!!! exercises every week

PLUS the opportunity to ask questions, get personal help and share experiences

Be uplifted and supported by the group bubble of amazing Modern Energists!


Just £24.97 GBP for GoE Members ONLY

Sign up NOW

Non-members click here for special offer


Do you want to take YOUR MONEY!!! Power to the next level?

This course is a special gift from the GoE for members only.

Where we lead, others will follow ... in 25 years or so ...



Just £24.97 GBP for GoE Members ONLY

Sign up NOW


⭐ Special Offer: Get The MONEY!!! Course and 90 Days Membership Free When You Purchase GoE Modern Energy Foundation

Get the MONEY!!! course and 90 days membership free when you enrol on the self-study online video course GoE Modern Energy Foundation for just £47.95 GBP. Click this button to enrol:

If you can't use the PayPal button above, see here: Alternative Payment Options

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

MONEY! Course

Q) How will the course be delivered?

You'll be given access to a secret Facebook group where you'll be able to message and chat with your tutor Silvia Hartmann, as well as with the other students on the course. This will be your virtual classroom.

On each Friday at 11am GMT for four weeks a new course unit will go live.

  • The first course unit goes live this Friday, 11th January 2019 at 11:00 GMT
  • To find out when 11am is in your timezone, use this calculator Timezone Calculator

If you are available at this time, then you'll be able to watch and comment on the course unit video with the other students in the virtual classroom.

If you can't make it to watch the course unit live, then you'll be able to watch it in your own time, either via the Facebook group, or on our website: GoE Website

Q) I can't make Fridays at 11am GMT each week. Can I still take part?

Yes! Whilst each course unit video goes live each Friday at 11am GMT, if you miss this then you can always watch it on your own at a time convenient to yourself. You'll still have the virtual classroom available for messaging Silvia Hartmann and the other students.

Q) What are the times and dates for each course unit?

The four course units are due to go live on the following dates:

  • Unit 1 - Friday, 11th January at 11am GMT
  • Unit 2 - Friday, 18th January at 11am GMT
  • Unit 3 - Friday, 25th January at 11am GMT
  • Unit 4 - Friday, 1st February at 11am GMT

If you can't be online for this time, you'll be able to take part afterwards at your convenience.

Q) I don't have a Facebook account - can I take part?

We recommend you create a Facebook account so you can access the virtual classroom and gain the most from your experience, but if you can't then you'll still have access to all the course unit videos hosted on our own website, GoE.ac.

Q) What is the Virtual Classroom?

We use a secret Facebook Group to host the virtual classroom for this course. This is your primary space for watching the course unit videos, messaging Silvia Hartmann or discussing topics and progress with the other students on the course. The Virtual Classroom allows you to work together on your goals and give you that sense of being connected to the community.

Q) What is the course price?

This four week course is only being charged at £24.97 GBP, which is approximately $31.78 USD / €27.76 EUR / $42.09 CAD / 175.47 Turkish Lira. You do need to have an active GoE membership in place though, but we've made it easy to renew or signup.

Q) I'm not currently a GoE member - can I take part?

You do need a current GoE membership subscription to take part in the course.

If you are a previous member then you may renew first (Renew Membership).

If you're going to be a new member (or don't want a professional membership subscription) then you can either register online for £30.00 GBP and claim a free e-manual such as Modern Energy Tapping (How To Subscribe) OR what we recommend is that you pay £47.95 GBP for GoE Modern Energy Foundation self-study video course and we'll give you 90 days membership + the MONEY! course free of charge.

By completing GoE Modern Energy Foundation before you start the MONEY!!! course, you'll have a base and foundational understanding of the core principles of the Modern Energy techniques.

Q) What is included in the Modern Energy Foundation and MONEY!!! course bundle for £47.95 GBP?

We know lots of non-members REALLY want to enrol on this course as it's a hot topic right now. We think it will really help you get the most out of the MONEY!!! course if you've already familiar with basic Modern Energy techniques and ideas such as EMO Energy in Motion, MET Modern Energy Tapping, SM SuperMind, MSM Modern Stress Management and The Energy of Relationships. All these course units are included with Modern Energy Foundation, plus you'll get 90 days free GoE subscription included meaning you're eligible to join in on the MONEY!!! course. For full details about Modern Energy Foundation, see: GoE Modern Energy Foundation

Q) Why is the course price so low?

The MONEY!!! course is a gift to GoE members to help them on their way to a prosperous 2019.

Q) Is there certification or an additional certification charge?

This is a course that aims to give you your own personal threshold shift to the next level.

Q) Can I teach this format to others?

If you're a licensed GoE Trainer you can teach this format to others via the 10% system. Contact your Member Support Manager Zoe Hobden for more details.

Q) Can I translate this course?

As the video course units, virtual classroom, messages with Silvia Hartmann and supporting training resources are in English, it will be a lot of work to get everything translated. If you are a GoE Trainer it will be easier to copy the format of this course via the 10% system. Contact your Member Support Manager Zoe Hobden for more details.

Q) How do I enrol?

The link for the Money!!! course is:

Most customers prefer to use PayPal these days, but we do accept card payments over the phone or online bank transfers. See below for details.

Q) I can't use PayPal in my country - how do I pay by phone or online transfer you the money?

We have lots of alternatives to PayPal. Either phone in on +44 (0)1323 700 800 or go online to:

Q) Can I enrol after Friday, 11th January 2019?

Yes for a while. You'll miss the start which will be a shame, but we'll keep the enrolment link open for a few days.

Any other questions, please contact the office:

Have we answered your question? If not, please contact the GoE.

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