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Modern Stress Management Professional

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The GoE's Modern Stress Management Professional certification, created by Silvia Hartmann, is a live training (in person or online) designed to provide Modern Stress Management solutions for:

  • Personalised plans for individual clients.
  • Relationships, groups and teams.
  • Business and institutions.

This is a practical, hands on course which comes with a large amount of support documents, ready made charts and presentations, sample approach letters and more, as well as an in-depth and comprehensive manual.

Modern Stress Management PRO

The GoE's Modern Stress Management Professional Certification

Created by Silvia Hartmann 

Created by Silvia Hartmann for the 21st Century

The Modern Stress Management Professional course is perfect for Modern Energists who want to go out into the mainstream and talk to real people, in the real world and help THEM with their stress problems.

This course will teach you how stress affects performance, leadership and goal setting. It helps you find the right target audiences and how to communicate correctly with them.

Modern Stress Solutions for a Modern World 

Stress makes human beings stupid. The more stressed they are, the more stupid they become. 

They also become consecutively more unlucky, unlovable, accident prone, susceptible to injuries, short sighted and generally hapless, hopeless and helpless. They become unproductive, uncreative, lack enthusiasm and do not work to the best of their ability in all areas of their life.

MODERN Stress Management reverses the tide and shows us how we can become "better people" - by moving out of stress, and into success - effortlessly.

By understanding MODERN Stress Management, we learn how to move into high energy states 

  • Naturally
  • Easily
  • Profoundly
  • Without the need for meditation, yoga, biofeedback or even having to use "methods" such as EFT or EMO.

MODERN Stress Management is logical and immensely practical. MODERN Stress Management can (and should!) be applied to every area of life to get the MASSIVE gains that are on offer.

In this 8 Unit course you will learn how to recognise and measure stress and learn modern tools to help individuals improve their energy average and reduce their stress levels.

MODERN Stress Management Improves:

  • Personal Performance: Thinking, logic, intelligence, creativity, decision making, confidence, emotional control.
  • Physical Performance: Strength, speed, endurance, posture, co-ordination, regeneration and recovery, accuracy.
  • Social Performance: Social skills, emotional intelligence, communication abilities, team work, popularity, being liked/loved.
  • LeadershipQualities of vision, inspiration, personal power, natural authority, strategic planning, systemic thinking.
  • What Money Can't Buy: Satisfaction, happiness, achievement, success, purpose, power, passion, luck, life and love of life.

There's never been so much stress in the world - Stress is everywhere.

"The Trillion Dollar Stress Pandemic" - and it's happening right now.

Stress At Work - Stress In The Home - Money Stress - Health Stress - World Stress!


Let's take a deep breath - here's the good news.


Upon completion of this course you will become a GoE Modern Stress Management Professional and gain acces to: 

  • In-depth and comprehensive course manual.
  • Support documents
  • Ready made charts and presentations
  • Sample approach letters  
  • 1 years Professional Membership

Gain licensed to teach MSM to individuals, schools, buisness, in your neighbourhood....the options are endless!

Please click on the 'Live Trainings' tab to find out which of our wonderful trainers are currently offering this course. Alternatively this course is offered via Distance Learning.

Please note: This advanced, professional certification program is available for existing GoE Modern Energy Tapping Professionals or GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioners ONLY. 

GoE Modern Stress Management Professional ~ Course Details

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Information for Modern Stress Management Professional Trainers

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Modern Stress Management Professional Live Training Dates

Modern Stress Management Professional Trainers

This is a list of energists qualified to teach the Modern Stress Management Professional course. Please click through to the contact details on their profile:

  Ayşenur Ahıshalıoğlu (İstanbul, Turkey)
Şirin  Ak Şirin Ak (İzmİr, Turkey)
Aynur  Apaydin Aynur Apaydin (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Hayriye Arık (Germany)
Elif  Arıkan Dön Elif Arıkan Dön (Istanbul, Turkey)
Gökhan  Ayar Gökhan Ayar (Marmaris, Turkey)
Alan  Balfour Alan Balfour (West Yorkshire, England)
Jacqueline  Besseling Jacqueline Besseling (Netherlands)
Karin  Böhme Karin Böhme (Germany)
Kim  Bradley Kim Bradley (Oxfordshire, England)
Melis  Çağlayan Melis Çağlayan (Turkey)
Estefanía  Carretero Mancheño Estefanía Carretero Mancheño (Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain)
  Berna Cetintas (Turkey)
Nurşen  Ceylan Nurşen Ceylan (Mugla, Turkey)
Ber  Collins Ber Collins (County Clare, Ireland)
Sühendan  Coşan Sühendan Coşan (Istanbul, Turkey)
Tanya  Davies Tanya Davies (Wa, Australia)
Janet  Deane Janet Deane (County Donegal, Ireland)
Peter  Donn Peter Donn (Hertfordshire, England)
Brenda  Dutertre Brenda Dutertre (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Rania  El Tahtawy Rania El Tahtawy (Cairo, Egypt)
Berat Yeliz  Eren Berat Yeliz Eren (Istanbul, Turkey)
Yasin Taha  Erisgen Yasin Taha Erisgen (Istanbul, Turkey)
Saliha  Eroglu Saliha Eroglu (Istanbul, Turkey)
Dönay  Eruz Dönay Eruz (Muğla, Turkey)
Gulay  Gecu Gulay Gecu (Oxfordshire, England)
Sümeyra  Gorgun Sümeyra Gorgun (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Ayliva Sav Hanzadeoğlu (Turkey)
Jamila   Jamie Jamila  Jamie (Maryland, United States)
Katerina  Kalchenko Katerina Kalchenko (Turkey)
Ceylin  Kandemir Ceylin Kandemir (Turkey)
  Yağmur Kaya (Turkey)
Alex  Kent Alex Kent
Şebnem  Koral Eruç Şebnem Koral Eruç (Bursa, Turkey)
Rana  Korkunç Rana Korkunç (Istanbul, Turkey)
Isaac  Lim Isaac Lim (Selangor, Malaysia)
Maria  LiPuma Maria LiPuma (Oregon, United States)
Irene  Loudon Irene Loudon (Glasgow, Scotland)
Adrienne  McAllister Adrienne McAllister (Antrim, Northern Ireland)
Tracy  Morrow Tracy Morrow (Berkshire, England)
Lukas  Nemec Lukas Nemec (Czech Republic)
Hilâl Küçük  Özdamar Hilâl Küçük Özdamar (İstanbul, Turkey)
Nimet  Özkan Nimet Özkan (Istanbul, Turkey)
Lauren  Rosenberg Lauren Rosenberg (London, England)
  Funda Saraç
Tom  Schaeper Tom Schaeper (Texas, United States)
İpek  Şekerdil İpek Şekerdil (Izmir, Turkey)
Sadullah  Sönmez Sadullah Sönmez (Kayseri, Turkey)
Eliezer  Spetter Eliezer Spetter (Israel)
Diana  Sturm Diana Sturm (Alabama, United States)
  Fatma Üstüntaş (Germany)
Jorge  Vence Jorge Vence (Hampshire, United Kingdom)
Ilka  Wandel Ilka Wandel (Hessen, Germany)
Donna  Wirth Donna Wirth (Pennsylvania, United States)
Ozlem  Yaltı Kolcu Ozlem Yaltı Kolcu (Mugla, Turkey)
  Kübra Yentekün (Istanbul, Turkey)

Distance Learning Option

Eight unit distance learning option for The GoE Accredited Certificate In MODERN Stress management.

  • The GoE Accredited Certificate In Modern Stress Management
  • Additional year of GoE Professional Membership

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