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Modern Stress Management Professional

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The GoE's Modern Stress Managememt Professional certification, created by Silvia Hartmann, is a live training and distance learning course with 8 fantastic modules that includes:

  • Advanced self stress management for the professional
  • Creating personalised Modern Stress Management plans for individual clients
  • Creating Modern Stress Management plans for relationships, groups and teams
  • Creating Modern Stress Management programs for business and institutions.

This is a practical, hands on course which comes with a large amount of support documents, ready made charts and presentations, sample approach letters and more, as well as an in depth and comprehensive manual.

Click the 'Course Feedback' tab below to see course reviews and feedback for Modern Stress Management Professional.

Modern Stress Management PRO

The GoE's Modern Stress Management Professional Certification

Created by Silvia Hartmann

This advanced, professional certification program is available for existing GoE Modern Energy Tapping Professionals or GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioners ONLY. For details on gaining these qualifications see:

Introducing the NEW Modern Stress Management program - yes, we really do have "The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution."Find out more about the Certificate In Modern Stress Management here: https://goe.ac/msm

Posted by Silvia on Monday, 18 May 2015 

Click here to read the original full eight-page letter from Silvia Hartmann about the Certificate In Modern Stress Management (2015) (PDF Download)

This advanced, professional certification program is available for existing GoE Modern Energy Tapping Professionals or GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioners ONLY. For details on gaining these qualifications see:

GoE Modern Stress Management Professional ~ Course Details

MEDC Pathway Diagram

Information for Modern Stress Management ProfessionalTrainers

If you are an Modern Stress Management Professionaltrainer please login.

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Modern Stress Management Professional Live Training Dates

Modern Stress Management Professional Trainers

This is a list of energists qualified to teach the Modern Stress Management Professional course. Please click through to the contact details on their profile:

Sebnem Akalin Sebnem Akalin (Istanbul, Turkey)
Ilknur Akarsu Ilknur Akarsu (Turkey, Turkey)
Fatime Akgöz Fatime Akgöz (Turkiye, Turkey)
Aynur Apaydin Aynur Apaydin (İstanbul, Turkey)
Karen Aquinas Karen Aquinas (Oregon, United States)
Gulcan Arpacioglu Adams Gulcan Arpacioglu Adams (Istanbul, Turkey)
Murat Aydın Murat Aydın (Kayseri, Turkey)
  Gül Aytekin Özen (İstanbul, Turkey)
Alan Balfour Alan Balfour (England)
Mathilde Barbier Mathilde Barbier (Surrey, England)
Tina Beckham Tina Beckham (Kent, England)
Jacqueline Besseling Jacqueline Besseling (Zuid Holland, Netherlands)
Wendy Birse Wendy Birse (Perth and Kinross, Scotland)
  Joanne Blachut (Queensland, Australia)
  Shiloh Blachut (Queensland, Australia)
Joyce Bunton Joyce Bunton (Glasgow, Scotland)
Ber Collins Ber Collins (Co. Clare, Ireland)
Mikael Cormont Mikael Cormont (Arcueil, France)
Monique Curry Monique Curry (New York, United States)
Ina Maria D Ina Maria D'Costa (Swindon, England)
Tanya Davies Tanya Davies (Wa, Australia)
Janet Deane Janet Deane (County Donegal, Ireland)
Esen Dedeoglu Esen Dedeoglu (İzmir, Turkey)
Peter Donn Peter Donn (Hertfordshire, England)
Andrew Donnelly Andrew Donnelly (British Columbia, Canada)
Paula Duarte Paula Duarte (London, England)
Brenda Dutertre Brenda Dutertre (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Rania El Tahtawy Rania El Tahtawy (Cairo, Egypt)
Mariam Emara Mariam Emara (Cairo, Egypt)
Sabiha Erdinc Sabiha Erdinc (Marmaris, Turkey)
Saliha Eroglu Saliha Eroglu (Göztepe, Kadiköy, Istanbul, Turkey)
Lorna Firth Lorna Firth (Paphos, Cyprus)
Nelle Flynn Nelle Flynn (New South Wales, Australia)
Margarita Foley Margarita Foley (Dublin, Ireland)
Wendy Fry Wendy Fry (Surrey, England)
GULAY GECU GULAY GECU (Oxfordshire, England)
Sandra Hillawi Sandra Hillawi (Hampshire, England)
Zoe Hobden Zoe Hobden
Sevil İlgün Sevil İlgün (Istanbul, Turkey)
Ferris Jay Ferris Jay (County Leitrim, Ireland)
Katerina Kalchenko Katerina Kalchenko (Ukraine, Ukraine)
Nesrin Kandemir Nesrin Kandemir (Istanbul, Turkey)
Özgür Kara Özgür Kara (Turkey, Turkey)
Gülsun Kemaloğlu Gülsun Kemaloğlu (Istanbul, Turkey)
Silvia King Silvia King (East Sussex, England)
Aysun Kıran Aysun Kıran (Istanbul, Turkey)
Dilek Kirikkanat Dilek Kirikkanat (Istanbul, Turkey)
Kym Lawn Kym Lawn (Queensland, Australia)
Isaac Lim Isaac Lim (Selangor, Malaysia)
Maria LiPuma Maria LiPuma (Oregon, United States)
Irene Loudon Irene Loudon (Glasgow, Scotland)
Dieter Maas Dieter Maas (Nrw, Germany)
Kelly Mayne Kelly Mayne (Surrey, England)
Adrienne McAllister Adrienne McAllister (Antrim, Northern Ireland)
Michael Millett Michael Millett (Lincolnshire, England)
Tracy Morrow Tracy Morrow (Berkshire, England)
Auk Murat Auk Murat (Jawa Barat, Indonesia)
Prabha Nagaraja Prabha Nagaraja (Delhi, India)
Karen Neil Karen Neil (County Durham, England)
Cumasiye Ozgur Cumasiye Ozgur (Izmir, Turkey)
Nimet Özkan Nimet Özkan (Istanbul, Turkey)
António Rebocho António Rebocho (Portugal)
Gizela Rodrigues Gizela Rodrigues (Lisboa, Portugal)
Lauren Rosenberg Lauren Rosenberg (London, England)
Helen Ryle Helen Ryle (Co. Kerry, Ireland)
Iman Saad Iman Saad (Cairo, Egypt)
Barbara Saph Barbara Saph (Hampshire, England)
İpek Şekerdil İpek Şekerdil (İzmir, Turkey)
Eliezer Spetter Eliezer Spetter (Israel)
Filiz Topaçlıoğlu Filiz Topaçlıoğlu (Ankara, Turkey)
Sally Topham Sally Topham (Norfolk, England)
Jorge Vence Jorge Vence (Hampshire, England)
Ilka Wandel Ilka Wandel (Alicante, Spain)
Donna Wirth Donna Wirth (Pennsylvania, United States)
Eda Yaman Eda Yaman (Adana, Turkey)
Berat Yeliz Eren Berat Yeliz Eren (İstanbul, Turkey)

Distance Learning Option

Eight unit distance learning option for The GoE Accredited Certificate In MODERN Stress management.

  • The GoE Accredited Certificate In Modern Stress Management
  • Additional year of GoE Professional Membership

To purchase for £447.50 GBP, please click this button to go direct to our secure online payment processor, PayPal or phone +44 (0)1323 700800:


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