Credit Card Crisis - A Case Study

Credit Card Crisis - A Case Study

Lynda Jakiro writes: "R was feeling absolutely immobilised by the credit card companies she was suing for their illegal actions against her, which had been going on for nine months. She had notified them that she was out of work and had taken all the necessary legal actions, but they were pursuing her, her friend and her previous employers, phoning at least twice a day."

This excellent case study from EMO Trainer Lynda Jakiro is a case which has an unusually large amount of stuck energy and shields. Read on to find out how Lynda helped her client...

She felt it in her arm and hand and as we softened and flowed, the energy flowed down her arm, out of her hand except for her little finger, which felt stiff and not part of her.

I looked up the meaning of little finger in Louise Hayโ€™s book and it meant pretending and family.ย  This made complete sense as she was having problems with mother and sister.ย  This needed to be dealt with separately.

We revisited the initial credit card problem and the discomfort was in her stomach like a block of ice. We warmed it, softened it and it flowed to her sacral and it went down her legs and out like water.

Then she said she could feel it in her legs, which felt solid and stuck as if she couldnโ€™t move forward, so we softened and flowed and the energy flowed out again like water.ย  She could feel the tingling of the energy running down her legs and out of her toes. ย 

As we progressed, returning to the original problem, R found the stuck energy in her shoulders, neck, and after the continual softening and flowing, she eventually said that she could cope, and that she felt everything was going to come out OK.

The problem had been 100% at the beginning of the session and was down to 40% by the time we had finished that day.ย  R probably needs some more work on it but she now knows how to do EMO on herself if any difficulties occur.

We then looked at the fact that she had never felt loved and that all relationships sheโ€™d had started off seeming fine but her partners had turned out to be abusive and violent. So love seemed to be playing tricks on her and she didnโ€™t trust love.

I asked if she could contemplate allowing the love of God in, and she felt she could but there was a shield up so we had to bring it in a small bit at a time and then she could feel the unconditional love all over.ย  She could feel the warmth and comfort of that love.

I felt she had a big shield up against the love of other humans and it was a long way off.ย  We made a pin prick, allowed a thin thread of energy in and she felt it in her head.ย  We softened and flowed it and allowed more and more in, flowing to different parts of her body, but the outside, not the inside.ย  Eventually we took away the shield, only to discover that there was another shield close to her, so we did the same process again until she could feel a comfortable, warm feeling in her heart and all over herย  body.

R expressed a complete lack of love for herself, and said if it was anywhere it was behind her.ย  We made a pinprick and the energy came in like a childโ€™s hand holding on to her arm, pulling at her arm.ย  I gave her my healing bear full of reiki crystals for her inner child and she held it while we allowed more and more of the self love in.

At the end of the session she said she felt like a different person.ย  She felt relaxed, her feet didnโ€™t hurt any more and she could move her body easily instead of being stiff and immobile.ย  She felt so much more able to cope with the pressures that she was under, because the credit card problem was only one of three big issues she has at the moment.

R was a wonderful client to work with.ย  She could feel the energies and was able to soften and flow quickly and easily and the joy I get from helping others like this is immeasurable!

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