Crystal Energy Healing Certificate & Experience

Crystal Energy Healing Certificate & Experience The Next StarLabs with Silvia Hartmann is Crystal Energy Healing Certificate & Experience!!!

Starts on Monday 4th March at 8PM (London Timezone)

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The Next StarLab with Silvia Hartmann

Crystal Energy Healing Certificate & Experience

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Silvia Writes:ย ย I had to decide on the March StarLab/MasterClass and prior to the Dragon Energy event, I thought I was going to do Home Harmony which is a certification course I've been wanting to do since 2003!!!

After the Dragon Energy event, it didn't feel quite right and my dear EM kept reminding me of CRYSTALS in various ways. Now I love crystals probably more than most, and know how amazing they are for energy healing and energy charging (the energy body and the SOUL just LOVE crystals!!! and that seems to be a real primal human thing), but I was like, well, surely we've done that? Why do you want me to do that, and do that now?

And there was this amazing crossover as a particular Star Memory flashed up, of falling in love with a particular smokey quartz at a German flea market in the sunshine, and I went, "Oh WOW!!!"

Everybody who is an energist has crystals. They must all have bought them in a moment of WOW I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! back in the day. That special moment of "falling in love" with a particular, unique crystal has the most powerful energy/information/message/support/??? for that particular person.

What if we take their top 11 crystals and make a StarLine out of them? Re-connect with that original experience and bring it forward to right here, right now? Make a timeline of them? Make a time/space grid with them?

Oh wow! You add that to the original existing amazingness of doing EMO with crystals, with YOUR CHOSEN STAR CRYSTALS - and here we really have something wonderful, something amazing, a Star Crystal aspect connection across time and space we can use right NOW to ...

cut through confusion and chaos get calm, serene, rise above the every day ..

connect with the Great Universal Order ...

and potentially do some absolutely amazing energy healing that is ... not strenuous, but where we let the crystals do all the work, just relax and let our crystal friends help us in that most personal way which was set up when we fell in love with them.

Wow. Star Matrix is so, so amazing. You bring that into the energy party, whatever that party may be, and you're on a completely different level.

This is going to be beautiful. Going to give our first Crystal Healing certificate for this course, and future Star Therapists can add that to their toolbox of techniques to share with their Star Clients at the perfect moment in time and space, to create a Star Event.

What I love so much about crystals (and also all the minerals, rocks, pebbles, mountains, that whole kingdom!) is their perfection in clarity, reliability, safety. It's the perfect antidote to going human-stress crazy and reconnecting with the grid of all there is, without judgement, without prejudice. Unconditional love.

So yes, that's what I'll be doing in March. Star Matrix is the way!!!


Stressed? Exhausted? Confused? Challenged?

Activate the brilliantly clear, brilliantly pure power of CRYSTAL ENERGY to...

  • Calm you
  • Re-charge you from the ground up
  • Re-connect you with the most perfect vibrations
  • Remind you of your true path and purpose
  • Bring life and love of life to your dear energy body
  • Make your soul happy!

In this dual self help/professional Crystal Energy Certification workshop you will learn how to activate CRYSTAL ENERGY to raise your/your client's energy average by plugging into the endless, glorious power of the Crystal Kingdom.

And the best news?

You don't have to buy any expensive, mystical crystals - YOU ALREADY OWN THEM!

Your past aspects were directly attracted to certain messengers from the CRYSTAL KINGDOM and they took them home.

The time has come to unlock the power of YOUR CRYSTALS - and experience a journey of self discovery, self healing and self uplifting that is unique and absolutely PERFECT for you!

Built on Modern Energy & Star Matrix, this unique and beautiful CRYSTAL ENERGY course is light-filled, delightful and fun just as it is powerful, healing and uplifting.

Activate YOUR Crystal Friends NOW and let them help you be lighter, be brighter, be stronger - BE HIGHER!

This Crystal Energy Healing Star Lab Includes:

  • Crystal Energy Healing Certificate
  • 4 weekly full length group video sessions
  • Replay recordings
  • Lab notes transcripts
  • Private forum for ongoing monitoring & support after the Star Lab completes.

โœจ SPECIAL BONUS: Each participant will receive an additional bonus personal 1-1 private session with Silvia Hartmann for focused, individual attention. โœจ

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