Crystal Healing For Beginners

Crystal Healing For Beginners

Many people are drawn to crystal healing, especially for self healing, but are unsure how to go about it. There are so many different kinds of crystals and so much has been written about the metaphysical and healing properties of certain types of crystals and minerals, it is very confusing. Plus there's the fear of the cost of having to purchase expensive and rare crystals to accomplish healing.

Here's the good news - there is another way to engage the wonderful healing energies of crystals and get the support from the crystal kingdom ...

Crystal Healing with EMO Energy In Motion

EMO is a thoroughly modern energy approach which simply works with what you can feel in your own body, right now.

In the context of crystal healing, this means we don't have to consciously know anything about the metaphysical properties of crystals - we just have to pick a crystal or a mineral that attracts us, that draws us to it, that FEELS GOOD to have around.

Indeed, most people who are interested in energy work and energy healing have crystals in their house exactly because of that - they felt there was something special about a crystal and "had to bring it home."

But there it is now, so what's next?

EMO works directly with the energy of the crystal and where you feel it in your body.

Every crystal you've bought had a reason for being there; and in many cases, there's still that step missing - to actually get to work (to energy work, that would be!) to unlock the healing power of the crystal on a personal, one-on-one, you and your crystal, kind of way.

EMO makes this extremely easy, so easy that a child can do it, or a person who has never had any dealings with a crystal before.

If you have more experience, of course, the fun just gets more and the energy gets brighter and brighter; but beginner and advanced crystal healer alike, try these easy exercises and find out for yourself how they make you feel.

Go here to download, entirely free of charge, a complete EMO Crystal Energy healing workshop which contains all the exercises plus extra tips to make crystal healing come to life for you.

Dust off those crystals and have some fun!

You can do the exercises by yourself; with some friends, or use the complete Crystal Energy workshop outline to run your own Crystal Energy Healing mini-workshops.

Enjoy the wonderworlds of our friends from the crystalline kingdom!




Modern Energy Work De-Mystified:

EMO: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love

S Hartmann, DragonRising 2011

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