Debbie Phillips Learns ET Over The Phone ...

Hey y'all! I won't tell you how I got my secret preview of Silvia's new lovely protocol, but I am sitting here giggling to myself at it's effects! Learned it over the phone, while half my brain is busy trying to recover from huge issues released by other energy therapies in the last couple days, and the other half obsessed and upset by a long talk with my ex this morning. Even in that not-too-focused state it was fast and easy and fun, and so simple I would kick myself for not figuring it out myself if: ...

1. the idea of feeling stupid didn't start a whole new cascade of giggles; and

2. I didn't know how much time and energy Silvia Hartmann spent getting her amazing brain ready to notice, and then accept and extensively test, something this basic and simple.

I want to fly halfway across the world for her inaugural workshop simply to watch other people's faces as they go from "that's too simple, don't be ridiculous" to "Oh my god it's working!"

I CAN tell you EMO works stunningly well.

If anyone is on the fence about attending an EMO workshop -- GO!!!!

I can assure you that there will be immeasurable benefits to learning EMO in person, and having people who are learning it with you to chatter to about the ramifications. Besides getting insights on teaching it, etc. I can't tell you any technical details here. But I can tell you that after I learned EMO on the telephone, now I seem to be able to process some fairly large issues just in passing when it occurs to me to use it. For example, I've been unable to even think about moving, especially packing, and dividing up the things my ex and I have accumulated over 9 years, without panic or hysterical tears.

A few nights ago I realized I was awake worrying about it, and tried to apply EMO while half asleep for about 2 minutes, got a little shivery laugh and fell asleep immediately. The next day I found myself automatically dividing dishes up mentally as I unloaded the dishwasher. Instead of immediately slipping into "how can I draw this out and maybe get him to love me again via house issues", my EMO auto-scheme mode effortlessly switched to "if I have to move, how can I set up a new situation to create some income and/or other benefits?" (find a way to buy a duplex so the rented side will pay the mortgage, get a house and rent rooms to massage school students who will give me money and practice on me, etc)

It's not that these are new ideas, but before they only occurred to me in a very specific and rare mood. Now they are my automatic response to the situation, even when I'm feeling mostly hopeless. (I am a very moody girl.)

One thing I find incredibly exciting is a slew of ideas on how to use EMO in conjunction with other techniques. iSt9x9 was an immediate success in my personal trial run. I am very impatient to get together with another Seemorg Matrix worker to experiment, because I can see an instant synergy there, too. Larry Nims talked about using Asha Clinton's matrixes for BSFF, and I can see whizzing thru them with EMO in an absolute orgasm of trauma and issue release.

EMO is the one technique that I can fully see myself teaching, sharing with colleagues, etc. I have training in TAT, Seemorg Matrix, Reiki, and EFT. I have extensive experience of Rapid Eye Technology and EMF Balancing, plus a smattering of a pile of other things. EMO is not based on any of these, tho it has elements in common with almost all of them.

In my opinion it's uniqueness lies in two things: Ease and Delight. I personally find most energy work pretty entertaining, but EMO is simply amazing!

Debbie Phillips, US, 2002

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