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December 2010 EMO Newsletter

December 2010 EMO Newsletter

Welcome to the December 2010 edition of the EMO Newsletter!

This is the last issue of the EMO Newsletter for 2010, but we will be back in the New Year. We hope 2010 has been wonderful for you. Enjoy!

In this issue:

** News: EMO Conference 2011 โ€“ Tickets Now On Sale!
** Article: Breathe to the Core โ€“ Heal with EMO & EFT by Catherine Strang
** Article: EMO by the Red Sea by Sandra Hillawi
** News: Soul Pilots II โ€“ Evolution: Free eBook!

** News: EMO Conference 2011 โ€“ Tickets Now On Sale!

We are pleased to announce that tickets for the 2011 EMO Energy Conference are now on sale. Not only are the tickets on sale now, but they are also available for a massive 50% discount!

The full presenter line-up will be announced shortly, but for now I think it is safe to say that the 9th annual EMO Conference will follow in the tradition of all those before it, with a group of enlightening and insightful presenters, with an energetic group of delegates.

You can order your ticket to the Conference, as well as booking a room at the Europa Hotel, on our website:


** Article: Breathe to the Core โ€“ Heal with EMO & EFT by Catherine Strang

This is a great article from Catherine Strang which looks at the โ€œdeceptively simpleโ€ yet highly effective technique of breathing to the core of the issue, working through the layers of emotion.

This article gives two excellent examples and explains the technique in a practical and simple manner. EMO can then be used to heal the core of the issue.


** Article: EMO by the Red Sea by Sandra Hillawi

EMO Master Trainer Sandra Hillawi has recently returned from a wonderful healing retreat at the Red Sea. At the retreat the lucky visitors were encouraged to learn EMO, as well as EFT and Yoga, whilst sampling the best detox food and drink Egypt has to offer.

You can read Sandra's report, along with watching a great video on the retreat, by following the link below:


Sandra hosts a number healing retreats, both in the UK and abroad, and you can find more details here:


** News: Soul Pilots II โ€“ Evolution: Free eBook!

Hot in the heels of the first and original Soul Pilots book comes "Soul Pilots: Evolution" which features brand new soul-piloting stories. The first book was beautiful and moving, Soul Pilots II Evolution is no different.

This wonderful new book by Silvia Hartmann and other Soul Pilots, is available for pre-order in paperback form. As a Solstice Gift, DragonRising Publishing are offering you the chance to download the eBook version of The Soul Pilots II โ€“ Evolution for free!

For more details and to get your free eBook, please visit:


Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this month's newsletter, as well as every other edition of 2010. The EMOย  newsletter will be back next year, so please keep your articles and news coming in. Remember, you can find all of the years previous newsletters, plus past editions, here:


Have a great new year and happy holidays!

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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