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De-Stress Fast - The Crystal Method

De-Stress Fast - The Crystal Method

Crystals are beautiful, ancient and have strong, steady, pure energy which can help us de-stress and re-energize fast.

Here is a simple seven step method to de-stress using a crystal that gets better and better with practice.

1. Place the crystal on the table before you.
2. Look at it and take three deep, slow breaths in and out. Breathe in fresh air, blow out stress, worry and misery. Take your time. You can repeat the three breaths three times if necessary.
3. Slowly reach out and touch the crystal with your fingertip/s. Take three deep breaths in and out and pay attention to what you can feel in your fingertip/s.
4. Pick up the crystal, close your eyes and hold it to your forehead. Take three deep, slow breaths in and out. Draw in clarity and strength, and breathe out confusion and stress.
5. With your eyes still closed, move the crystal and hold it to your heart. Take three deep, slow long breaths in and out. Breathe in love and power, and breathe out heartache and stress.
6. Hold the crystal to your heart and continue breathing until you feel calm, clear and stress free.
7. Now open your eyes, thank the crystal, give it a little kiss and continue on your day.


You have just given your energy body and all your systems a beautiful and important holiday from every day stress and that is a very, very good thing indeed.

Additional notes:

Different types of crystal can have different effects. For a beginner, a clear quartz, a softer, milder rose quartz and a soothing amethyst (purple quartz) offer a good choice for most days. Simply pick the one that you feel/sense is the best one to help you release your stress and feel better today.

If you are out and about, any pebble, stone or rock can help you de-stress. The ancient mineral kingdom, the rock of the ages, is always powerful!

With a little practice, this de-stressing process becomes much more profound, and also faster. If you practice the basic crystal de-stressing method once a day for a week, you will find that just looking at the/a crystal or holding it briefly noticeably reduces your stress.

Wearing a crystal is an excellent idea, so you have it with you to hold and touch at any time.

The quick crystal stress relief method - In Conclusion

Crystal energy is pure, clean and extremely effective in not just helping us release stress, but in re-energizing the energy body so we feel better and stronger.

Crystals are beautiful, not expensive and can provide beauty, sensuous touch experiences and lovely energy sensations in your body. Like good sex, practice makes perfect!

Silvia Hartmann
Author, "The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution"

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