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Diabetes, Low Heart Rate, Bloodpressure

A while back I was asked to help and elderly gentleman in his seventies.

He had numerous medical problems such as diabetes, dangerously low heart rate, kidney and liver degeneration, blood pressure and a high white cell count and also other problems.

A wonderful experience that I wanted to share with you all with encouragement.

A while back I was asked to help and elderly gentleman in his seventies.

He had numerous medical problems such as diabetes, dangerously low heart rate, kidney and liver degeneration, blood pressure and a high white cell count and also other problems.

I explained that we could look at the emotions around these issues and others that had come up in his life and see if that would help release some of the stress. The only problem being he spoke very little English and I couldn't speak to or understand him. He could just about introduce himself and the odd word.

I thought it might be best to work with a member of his family interpreting.

When he arrived for his first appointment he had to stop for breath every two or three steps and found in distressing just to walk up the driveway, which is about the length of three cars.

He had decided he wanted to do this on his own with me and no one else present........ Quick softening and flowing going on with me then as I thought about all the problems with this!

Still we managed somehow to get through that session and deal with some highly charged emotional issues and blockages in that first session and he walked comfortably back down the driveway to his waiting lift. I had found out that he could read English fairly well so sent him back with Silvia's books and manuals to digest as homework and to follow some of the exercises I had outlined.

When he came back two weeks later he positively walked up the driveway and I was informed that he had been out shopping and upstairs for the first time in a very long time.

We softened and flowed very enthusiastically for about an hour and a half this time and it was wonderful to see his energy change, colour come back into his face, the lines fall away and his enthusiasm for life return. I felt truly blessed to have this experience with this wonderful person. He went back to do some more reading and softening and flowing and a lot of heart healing.

Third appointment and he arrived upright and vibrant so different from the man who had struggled up the driveway a few weeks earlier.

He came with the results of his latest medical tests that had astounded the doctors and left me slightly reeling.

Heart rate had gone up twenty beats and was only two beats off of target, sugar levels were normal, white cell count normal, results for kidney and liver showed normal function, blood pressure normal!

They were in the process of reducing and removing his meds!!! And he was given the all clear to fly (a long hall flight) home.

Through these appointments both our communication skills expanded dramatically and his command of English grew tremendously ..... surely a result of unblocking the channels also.

These results were after just two ET sessions without being able to explain the process or for him to explain all that was going on.

The third session we worked at tying up loose ends and making sure that we had been really thorough leaving him as free flowing as possible with a fabulous understanding of energy how to release blockages and energy nutrition.

This gentleman was also a medical professional in his own country and knew a great deal about his conditions and the transformation that had taken place.

Please if you get an opportunity to help someone outside your comfort zone soften and flow and watch for the wonderful results that ET can give us.

Thank you for reading

Lisa Bundfuss xxx

EMO Trainer

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Lisa Bundfuss
Information about Lisa Bundfuss
EFT Practitioner & EMO Practitioner in Newquay, Cornwall, England & Cubert, Cornwall, England.

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