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Distance Healing

Distance Healing

In this introduction to distant or distance healing, you can find out how distance healing works, and how to do distance healing yourself.

This article includes information on the advantages of distance healing, how to read energy systems at the distance, and how to practice distant healing to get really good at it.


Distance Healing:
An Introduction To Distance Healing

Silvia Hartmann

Distance Healing - The Basic Principles | Distance Healing With The Energy Mind | Is Distance Healing Difficult? | Distance Healing In The Quantum Realms | Further Advantages Of Distance Healing | Three Steps To Distance Healing | Attention & Distance Healing | Reading The Energy System | The Intervention | Practice Distance Healing | The Gift Of Distance Healing

Distance Healing - The Basic Principles

Before we begin, let me briefly make sure that we all understand that healing, all forms of healing and including distance healing, are designed to heal the ENERGY BODY or the invisible parts of a human being.

As the energy body is the matrix, or template, upon which the physical body is shaped, this healing will then ripple out into physical changes, often at an astonishing rate and speed that makes healing seem "miraculous"; but this physical healing is ONLY the result of the human body working once again as it should, and utilising its own innate and astonishing healing powers to restore itself.

When you are healing, and healing at the distance is no exception, you are NOT moving cells around, or somehow manifesting bone to grow where it is needed. You are always moving ENERGY and you are influencing the energy body or the invisible matrix of a person instead.


Distance Healing With The Energy Mind

We are dealing with the energy system of a person we wish to heal at the distance; and so clearly, we cannot do this with our physical bodies. What we need to use are the parts of ourselves that are of that realm - our energy system, our energy mind which is directed by attention through the conscious mind.

Please understand:

We cannot consciously heal by thinking about it.

To contact another person's energy field and to make beneficial changes within that energy field, we need to use systems that are immensely complicated and that our conscious mind doesn't understand - thereby we need to use our energy mind, which is a part of the quantum realms, it lives there, it knows what's going on, it can see when there is something wrong, and it knows what to do to fix it.

What we have to do consciously to make all healing and distance healing work, is to leave the actual processes of distance healing to our energy minds, and learn to get out of its way; and secondly, to use our conscious mind simply to direct our attention and the workings of our energy mind in the right direction.


Is Distance Healing Difficult?

Many people think that only certain talented distance healers or shamans can perform distance healing, but that is completely untrue.


They have one, if they like it or not; if they know it or not; and it is always at work, whether they want that to be so or not.

Let me repeat that, because it is important in distance healing to understand this.

EVERY person absolutely has an energy system, and the energy mind is a part of that system. There is no talent required, this is just as it is, and all we have to do is to learn to use what we've all got by courtesy of the Creative Order correctly, and that's all.


Distance Healing In The Quantum Realms

In order to re-learn how to use these systems that we all have, it is important for the conscious mind to be clear about some things, so it doesn't inadvertantly get in the way of us being able to use ourselves correctly in distance healing.

The first thing the conscious mind has to understand is that in those realms where our energy bodies are visible and where they exist, all the rules we have consciously learned about "the hard" are nil and void.

In the quantum realms of energy time isn't linear, and there is no distance.

The two are interlinked, for if time is fluent, you can travel great distances in no time at all; this is very important for many aspects of distance healing and quantum healing which seem "miraculous" if viewed through a hard perspective.

We can travel to a person on the other side of the world in an instance; read their energy matrix, understand what the problem is, and then place a healing intervention to help straighten them out (or to help them regain the "Even Flow" which is the term for an energy system that is working correctly once more used in EMO).


Further Advantages Of Distance Healing

But there are further wonderful advantages about distance healing.

Time travel is not a problem in these realms; so it is possible to heal "old" childhood injuries, even past life injuries, easily and quickly - something that is often overlooked in distance healing and one of the greatest blessings of this modality, as often injuries that are causing physical sickness now have started a long time back and need to be healed back then, of course, to change the unfoldments that led to the illness now.

So to sum up our basic concepts of distance healing, we are dealing with a system of healing whereby the parts of us that are of the energy realms "travel" to where another person's energy system resides, wherever and whenever that may be, at the speed of thought, and it is there that we place our distance healing intervention.


Three Steps To Distance Healing

There are three simple steps to distance healing.

The first is to be able to direct the attention of the energy mind towards the recipient of the distance healing work.


1: Attention & Distance Healing

This can be as easy as sitting back and thinking about the person; but there are many ways in which this original connection is made. Some people use photographs to help them accomplish this; others use personal belongings; hair; a letter with the person's handwriting. Some will make an object like a shamanic doll to represent the person; others will dedicate a stone to make that bridge, that doorway to the other who is going to be helped by distance healing.

Please note that ALL OF THESE SEEMINGLY DIFFERENT APPROACHES are all the same in purpose, namely to open a connection in the quantum realms between you, the distance healer, and the other person, so that we can go on to Step 2.

Step 2 in distance healing is to read the other person's energy system.


2: Reading The Energy System

That is the equivalency to a doctor taking a case history - only in this instance, it is our energy body which looks with its energy eyes and energy feelers at the other person's energy body, and it SEES what is wrong.

For many people, this is NOT a question of "seeing" like you would with your hard eyes; many don't see a thing and what the energy mind has "observed" is being transmitted to the conscious mind in other ways.

We are receiving INFORMATION from the energy mind about what it did see, and that can

take the form of a feeling (such as on connection with a person at the distance who has heart problems, there is a feeling of pressure in the healer's heart and that is how they know where the problem resides);

it can take the form of words or voices passing on information from the energy mind (in the above case, you might have a thought of, "His heart is broken ..." or hear a song with the words "heart break", for example);

the information can be passed on in the form of a metaphor image (a crushed and broken rose, a person crying on their knees, holding their chest, getting a sense of a landscape where it never rains etc.);

and it often is simply a "knowing" - the distance healer just "somehow" knows what's wrong, even if they can't put into words and pictures, or are drawn to a course of action, a place within the person.

It is vitally important for the distance healer to KNOW THEMSELVES and to know just how they receive this information.

This is a matter of practice - the more you do distance healing, the more you learn HOW you do it, how you feel, and the more acute and confident you become through trial and error.


3: The Intervention In Distance Healing

Step 3 in distance healing is to make the intervention.

Now please relax and know that you CANNOT CONSCIOUSLY KNOW what to do to straighten out another person's energy system in the quantum realms. You can't know, but your energy mind DOES KNOW because that's it's own realms and it is at home there, was designed by the Creative Order to function there absolutely.

The energy mind must do ALL THE WORK, and all you consciously need to do is to hold the WILL AND DESIRE TO EVEN FLOW so that the energy mind and your energy body is DIRECTED to perform the healing.

To begin with, it isn't always easy to hold one's conscious attention on another person in distance healing but without getting in the way with too many thoughts, or by trying too hard to "think them better", which doesn't work and just interferes with the workings of your energy mind, which needs a calm and open channel to do its best work.

But here again, this really is just a matter of practice, and finding out for yourself what works best for you.

Some people find that simply breathing deeply whilst thinking about the person and on the outbreath re-affirming in thought or word, "Heal this person," will do the trick and start that FLOW from you to them.

Others prefer more complex routines that involve going into trance first and making a mental image of the person; but please know that there are no brownie points for cleverness or complication.

The act of healing, and all healing is distance healing in essence, is simple, it is natural, and the more simple and natural, the more powerful the flow of energy, and the more powerfully effective a distance healer you will become.


Practice Distance Healing Often!

My best advice to anyone wanting to become a powerful distance healer across time and space is to practice regularly, and often, and every single day, and not to make too big of deal of it.

It is much more beneficial to do your distance healing all the time and quickly for practice rather than to wait for a "magic circle moment" where you have hours of meditation and concentration - it gets too complicated and in the end, distracts from your true abilities and powers.

For example, simply placing your fingertip on the face of a stranger in a newspaper or a magazine, taking a quick reading and sending your best wishes and healing there and then, three or four times a day, is MUCH, MUCH more beneficial for your development as a distance healer than mega meta meditations with bells and whistles.

I also HIGHLY recommend that you study and practice "The Healing Gift" and use it often, and especially in real life situations - in the shops, at the bank, with your own family, with strangers walking by.

That way you make distance healing a part of your life, and you bring those magical healing powers INTO your life, so that they are real, and there, and that they are being used and get to wake up, to grow with you, and become something you can rely on, and that gets stronger and more useful as the years go by.


The Gift Of Distance Healing

I would like to close by saying that those who understand and practice distance healing, not just for a "one case loved one on the other side of the world" but for many people and for animals too, for landscapes, environments, plants, forests, oceans and even lost souls and spirits, GAIN far, far more than they could have ever expected.

We gain the ability to make changes in the world; we gain a new understanding as to our own personal power and purpose; we gain a new welcome to the holy order of the Creative Universe itself; and we have GIFTS to give, each one of us, and we can continue to use these gifts, even when our hands have become to old to hold a plough shear, and our backs are no longer strong enough to carry great loads.

Distance healing, and the daily practice of distance healing, is a GIFT for us healers of immeasurable value, and I really would encourage YOU to start today, to give what you have to give, and in doing so, finding out just how much more each one of us can contribute than ever we expected.


Silvia Hartmann

February 2006


Distance Healing - The Basic Principles | Distance Healing With The Energy Mind | Is Distance Healing Difficult? | Distance Healing In The Quantum Realms | Further Advantages Of Distance Healing | Three Steps To Distance Healing | Attention & Distance Healing | Reading The Energy System | The Intervention | Practice Distance Healing | The Gift Of Distance Healing


Distance Healing - An Introduction To Distance Healing (c) Silvia Hartmann 2006. All Rights Reserved.

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