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Does Your Home or Business Carry Negative Energies?

Have you ever walked into a store or business and felt uncomfortable there for no apparent reason? Have you ever walked into a store all happy and left quite dismayed? Have you ever wished your house could feel happier?

There are many kinds of energy all around us. They effect where we live and are present where we work, where we go to school, in our homes and businesses. Some of this energy comes from the history of the place or the culture of the location. A home built on land once occupied by a cemetery is a radical example of this type of energy. A house built on an old church site is another. The energies present in those two homes can be very strong indeed.

Sometimes it is beneficial to have a healer come into your home or business and activate an energetic clearing of the location. This removes any blockages of positive energy, clears any obstacles and allows the natural state of harmony, prosperity and balance to again be felt clearly. The clearing process is a spiritual technique using the assistance of highly evolved spiritual beings who guide the healer to manipulate the energy vortexes and release any negative attachments. Obstacles can come from a variety of sources including but not limited to astral influences, network gridding, telepathic pathways and negative beliefs.

Energetic clearing can remove undesirable energy from homes and businesses. Clearing real estate can speed up the time it takes to sell a property. Cleared businesses always benefit from higher sales and more traffic. Employees and users alike become more positive and joyful emotionally. Public places can be energetically cleared allowing tourism and public community events to flourish. Often, amazing results will happen within just hours of a clearing bringing significant increases of positive attraction to the location. Dentists, business owners, Realtors, Physicians, Lawyers, Entertainers and Property Owners can all benefit from an energetic clearing. Anyplace where there is a high traffic pattern, a high level of emotion, unhappy people,

An energetic clearing can do no harm and has proven to always bring an increase of harmony, peace and abundance on the location. The clearing can be done in person or over distance. Energetic clearings can also be done for individuals. This is a spiritual way to lift clouds of despair and frustration and bring back the balance into our lives and businesses.

Rev. Maggie Jean Wahls


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