Dromophobia - Fear of Crossing a Road

Dromophobia - Fear of Crossing a Road

Joyce Waring, an Advanced GoE Practitioner many years experience, was recently visited by a lady who had an unusual fear of crossing the street.

In this case study Joyce successfully combines EMO and Chakra re-alignment to great effect...

Joyce writes: I recently had a lady come to see me this morning who had panic attacks even at the thought of crossing the road.ย  Her mum had wanted her to come and see me for quite a while, but she finally came this morning.

Sally was so stressed and panicked at the mere thought of crossing the road that she stood in front of me and shook and sobbed.ย  Her breathing was extremely laboured and her face was almost blood red.ย  I had intended to re-align her Chakras first and then lead onto EMO for the panic attacks but never got that far because she was so distressed. On a scale of 1 to 10 she was up at 40/50.

We first established that she had built a "brick wall" around herself for protection but this had now left her feeling that she was in a "big black hole" and could not see any daylight.ย  She decided that she was keeping all the "blackness" in and would like to somehow put holes in the wall - which we did.ย  She physically knocked a brick out with a hammer which let in some sunshine which made her instantly relax a little and encouraged her to knock out one or two more.ย  This led to much more sunshine coming in and the "black smoke" now allowed to go out.ย  We continued in this manner until she had completely knocked down the wall, at which stage she leant back into the chair and sighed.

We then when back to the original problem and "where do you feel it in your body, how big is it and what colour is it?" .ย  Everything was always "black" until we softened it.ย  At the end of the session I took Sally outside and we crossed the road.ย  She was very "wary" at first but held my hand and was assured.ย  She automatically squeezed my hand to start with but was surprised that she did not need to do this.ย  We crossed the road together 4 or 5 times, she was apprehensive but comfortable.

I then took her back inside and re-aligned her Chakras for the fist time.ย  When I reached the third Chakra (storehouse of power) we both sighed a really bit sign and both said together "at last".ย  Sally had known that her energies were wrong for a large number of years but did not have the knowledge to explain it to anyone, and finally experienced the "healing" that she had been searching for, for many years.

Finally, we walked down the driveway to where her parents' car was waiting for her, but instead of going to her Mother she walked across the road (checking for traffic first) without any hesitation and straight back to the delight of her parents.ย  They were completely amazed and Sally was thrilled.

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