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EFT and Panic Attacks by Nicola Quinn

EFT and Panic Attacks by Nicola Quinn

My book Life Without Panic Attacks is due out in paperback any day now and what a buzz that is, I still can't quite believe it, what I have gone through to get here and how EFT has been there every step of the way. It was EFT that originally cured me of my panic attacks all those years ago. It was EFT that helped me jump over my reversals to write my experiences in a book to help others. It was EFT that came to the rescue when I was revising and editing the book for print just recently.

I wasn't quite aware how shocking the effects of having panic attacks for all those years had been on my life. I had to do a lot of tapping on that as I reread each word. The pain of my suffering and that of my family hit me like lightening bolts, one after the other, the loss of life was enormous.

I tapped away each strike. I didn't know any better. I did the best I could. You can't blame yourself. You tried everything. Oh if only EFT had been available to me sooner!!! My life would have been so different. My daughter's life would be so different now.

I tapped tears away, guilt away, shame away. The cage I'd built for myself, the experiences I had denied myself, I cried, then forgave myself for all that. I tapped each horrific wave of emotion away and vowed never again to turn away from a feeling, however awful.

Then I pulled myself together, gave myself a big pat on the back for my bravery and courage to actually still be here after all those hideous years and to have such a beautiful daughter at all.

Now how to help as many people as possible, how to get to as many as I can to end their senseless suffering. Training practitioners in meridian energy therapies is an ongoing project so they can go out and show people just how effective and simple EFT is, but the new paperback edition of Life Without Panic Attacks is going to be an even bigger part of this, showing people the specifics of overcoming panic attacks using EFT, my own special way.

Am I up to the challenge? Tap tap, yes. I am! Am I willing to do what needs to be done to publicise Life Without Panic Attacks? Tap tap, yes I am.!Am I up for doing interviews to let as many people know about EFT and how it completely cures panic attacks? Tap tap, yes I am!

Ok, no more excuses, all reversals tapped away and a nice clean energy system ready to begin.

Do you know anyone who suffers from panic attacks and would like to end their suffering in a simple straightforward way? Then send them to me, I'm ready to help or buy them a copy of my book or better still if you are a practitioner read the book yourself.

It will show you what aspects need uncovering to help your panic attack clients quickly. In treating panic we help people over the fear of fear itself and in doing so many phobias, of all kinds, simply melt away too, how neat is that?

You'll also find an extremely useful special bonus report written by Silvia Hartmann outlining what to say to a loved one when they are having a panic attack, excellent first aid advice for anxiety sufferers.

About 6% of the population in the UK suffer from panic attacks and they're just the reported cases, there are countless others who have no idea what is happening to them, the people you see rushing out of shops in a fluster, cursing at the train door to open quicker, not knowing what's going on just that they have to get out of there.

The longer you've had them the smaller your world becomes as you withdraw more and more each day. It's time to stop the senseless suffering and show people how to live life panic free and I am pleased and proud that I now have a way to do this.

Nicola Quinn

Author, Life Without Panic Attacks


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