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EFT Article - Is The Counselling Chair You Sit On Anchoring Your Negative Feelings?

EFT Article - Is The Counselling Chair You Sit On Anchoring Your Negative Feelings?

This interesting article comes from EFT and EMO practitioner John Blosse. Here he asks 'Is The Counselling Chair You Sit On Anchoring Your Negative Feelings?'

Read on for the full article...

The counselling chair can become an anchor for negative emotions image. When you go to see a counsellor, and let's face it everyone does these days, you get the chance to tell someone about the problems you have in your life. Initially, counselling can be a wonderful way to relieve the burden and stress you feel, but how about the long term effects?

I've heard so many people who have received counselling tell me that after the initial high of feeling listened to they seemed to relive the same problem over and over again. In fact, when you talk about your problems over time they get worse. The counselling chair you sit on becomes an anchor the very sight of which may remind you of your problems.

You can't solve your problems just by talking about them.

Talking about your problems involves a lot of thinking, which leads us into the maze of the unconscious where we get bogged down in our own thought patterns and go round and round in circles feeling worse and worse. We chase the initial high of offloading our problems like an addict chasing their own first high and just like that addict find ourselves even more depressed in our daily lives than we were in the first place.

To heal any issue we need to let go on an energetic level.

"The cause of negative emotion is a disruption in the body's energy system." Gary Craig, creator of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

When our energy field is disrupted no amount of talking will fix it. We will get bogged down in our emotions and feel drained of energy. We need to work at an energetic level. This is where counselling falls down. It doesn't take us to our very core where real healing takes place.

It's important to work with the body's own energy system at an emotional level otherwise in the long term any work on an issue will be a waste of time.

We heal on an energetic level and by using the wisdom of the heart not the unravelling of our thoughts.

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