EFT Case Story: A Stressful Situation

EFT Case Story: A Stressful Situation

Here Distant Learning studentย Helen Binghamย describes how she used EFT to deal with a stressful situation and to cope in the moment. How she continued to do this throughout the situation and to deal with each issue as it came at her, which then enabled her to help her sick animal in the best and most effective way, without getting overwhelmed!

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I had a very stressful experience a couple of weeks ago when my border collie collapsed one afternoon. Firstly I experienced fear and panic so I breathed and tapped before phoning the vet. I was very calm and coherent talking with the receptionist, despite the concern I was feeling for my dog.

I then had to take her to the veterinary clinic - I had never been there before. I tapped for fear of not finding it. I then realised I had misplaced my mobile phone. Panic! I tapped again and although I still couldn't locate it, I knew it would be ok, that I wouldn't need it. I was calm and felt safe to drive.

I went straight to the Clinic without a hitch and calmly took my dog in to be examined. She was very poorly and I had to leave her for blood tests - first time away from home in 11 years! I tapped just gently on my collarbone point, most of the way home, praying that she would be ok.

That night I went to bed full of fear, it was a very intense emotion. I felt scattered and totally stressed. As I lay quietly, I did the Heart and Soul Protocol and then I imagined tapping through the points on the word stress. After a couple of rounds of this imagined tapping whilst focusing on my breath, I felt clearer and calmer. Having stripped away the panic, I was able to focus on the feeling of fear, fear that she might die, and once again, I imagined tapping gently through the points supporting the tapping with the breath.

This exercise clearly showed me how powerful this way of tapping is. If I hadn't started this course, I would have tapped but I truly believe the result would not have been as positive. I was able to sleep which was a blessing. The following day, I continued to use the tapping and, when, later that day, I collected my still sick dog, from the clinic, I was able to be speak with the vet and be loving towards my dog without falling apart.

I would say that when I have used conventional EFT, with the "even though......" set up statement, it has only really worked well for me when either I have had a physical issue, like the burnt palm. And in that case I haven't had to use the set ups and have simply tapped because I have been completely tuned in to the pain. Or when I have been helping someone else, where somehow my intuition has kicked in and then I have seen its power at work.

The combination of the H&S Protocol, the breathing, and the very gently form of tapping using the word stress has clearly demonstrated to me the amazing power of this form of EFT. Brilliant!

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