EFT Case Story: An Energy Vacuum

EFT Case Story: An Energy Vacuum

In this case story, new GoE EFT Master Practitioner Tanya Lyons tells of a client that came to her suffering from a variety of symptoms that had left them emaciated, both physically and emotionally. As they begin to work together Tanya begins to feel an energetic vacuum that seems to be draining all his energy and strength.

Tanya writes:ย Before I met my client I wanted to feel that I was in a good and positive state to work with him, so I tapped on 'positive energy, open awareness, love and acceptance' I felt really motivated and ready to work with my client (high on the SUE scale).

My client entered the room, I was quite taken aback by how undernourished and emaciated that he looked, his cheekbones protruded on his face and he looked like he had been starved. His skin was ghostly pale and his eyes were sunk into his face...

My eyes felt pained to see someone in such a condition and I felt real compassion towards him. What happened next was not on a conscious level at the time (but my heart seemed to open up and I too felt like I was helping to carry his pain, perhaps in an attempt to take some of the burden and suffering on and accept it as part of me, allowing his pain to be shared and experienced between us).

We walked over to the seats and his movements were jagged and stiff. His legs didn't seem to bend properly, like they had seized up and there was no flow or life left in them. He limped a little and it seemed to be a struggle to move. He put his hand to his back upon sitting down and let out a small but painful utterance that he was experiencing pain. The air seemed to hang over him, almost standing still as if he was preventing it from moving naturally. We sat down, he took off his thin layer, a black leather jacket he was wearing and he sat in his black t-shirt. It was a cold day and the jacket was barely adequate to provide him with much warmth. His arms were pale, thin and bony as if they had been deprived from sunlight but he seemed to have no awareness to the temperature, like he had become immune to the sensations of his outer skin. His eyes appeared to have a glazed look as if they were covered by a sheet of thin ice and his face was almost expressionless, much like wearing a ceramic mask.

As he sat I became aware of an image of a black vacuum of energy sucking the life force into it. I wondered to myself if he had an addiction problem, to alcohol or drugs possibly, some kind of insatiable hunger that never got filled. The black vacuum moved over to my heart it swirled around and I felt like I was sucking something from him with the rage and force of a tornado, taking anything in its path. It was like my heart was pulling a fast ferocious energy into itself. I just trusted and allowed the process to happen and the tornado calmed down, settled and the hole closed up. My heart felt like it was was eagerly chewing over the contents of what had been sucked out, it was digesting and nourishing it, putting into some manageable form then it felt like the energy had turned in on itself as if it was about to implode but instead the vacuum of energy turned inside out as if changing direction to its opposite nature and I felt like a regurgitation happen and transformation as a pink energy started to pass from me back to him from my heart in the form of a pink energy stream.

We tapped on calm, peace and EFT team. I intuitively tapped further, on, 'relaxing and releasing', he let out a big sigh like letting air out of a tight held balloon that was at bursting point. His wooden appearance seemed to become slightly more soft and human and his eyes seemed to have melted the glazed over look. His face had a slightly pink glow and his muscle tone had definition and form, it was as if he was coming back to life again. He said 'yes that's just what I need' We did another round of relax and release and almost apologising he said he felt 'a little bit tearful' , as if he was checking that it was okay to feel that way. I gently and softly said that is was okay to cry if he needed to, I felt quite tearful at this point but it felt that I too was holding back a dam of preserved tears, not allowing them to flow.

I began to feel really tired and my body felt heavy and weighted down, like I was being sedated in some way. I almost felt like I didn't have the energy to proceed, I felt a real stuckness and it seemed quite dark and despairing. I got a feeling of just wanting to sit there, close my eyes and sleep. It felt like I was being prevented from moving forward because it seemed to require more energy and effort than I had. I knew that there was some blocked energy and I wanted to acknowledge that holding onto this energy was like holding back a dam that needed to flow and how the holding back can be tiring and it can weaken our energy and immune system. He said that he was often tired and lacked energy most of the time.

I sensed a loneliness and a need for contact so I then asked how he would like the tapping to be done, whether he would like me to tap on him or whether he would prefer to tap on himself. I worked on my intuition here and felt the need to give him the option. There was a pause, again as if checking that it was alright and in a soft voice said that he would prefer me to tap, on him. I felt that this is what he needed . I placed my hands over his heart point and I felt a real sense of connection and empathy towards him.

I tapped gently a round of 'relax and release again' and after that he started to cry, tears poured out and I felt like a mother figure attending to a young child. I sat with him and told him it was okay to let them go and used the words, 'releasing this energy'. I tried to be encouraging and accepting of allowing him to do what he needed to do. I didn't use the word sadness as I got the sense that 'releasing energy' was somehow more acceptable to him than 'releasing sadness'. I didn't want to put my own label on his feelings. I could feel his body started to tremble and shake a little, again I was encouraging of him to allow the energy to flow through him. More tears came and it was like a long awaited downpour of rain had finally arrived to dry and parched land, now it had come it was running into streams, it felt a very natural process and I just allowed it to unfold. I still had hold of his hand and I felt I was giving him gentle reassurance and it was important that I could sit with him and be there for him. I sensed how we had both become enveloped in this pink energy like a loving blanket of soft energy was around us.

His tears subsided after a while and he said that he hadn't been able to cry for a long time and when he had felt like he needed to release the tears they were blocked and wouldn't come, so he was surprised that they had come. I asked him how he felt and the word 'relief' came up. We tapped together on relief, to allow him to really acknowledge and feel that emotion around his body as it felt like a really positive experience. He then went on to tell me that he had been through a tribunal case recently and he had won his case but it had been ongoing for just over a year and now it was finally over. He has also been in a lot of pain with his back condition as he spine is slowly crumbling and his daily morphine intake hadn't been sufficient to keep the pain at bay but he didn't want to take anymore because it made him feel disconnected from life. Without enough money to live he has done without food at times and neglected his health considerably. He said that the build up to the whole tribunal thing had really stressed him out and put him under a lot of emotional and financial pressure. He said 'I just feel relief, like a weight has been lifted, I feel lighter and maybe I can go back to living a normal life. '

I asked him about what a normal life was. He said having enough money to be able to live, getting his pain under control and enjoying day to day life without it being a continual struggle to just survive. I asked how achievable that was and he said with a strong voice that there was a strong possibility, he had writers block for some time with no fresh ideas and even the ink in his pen had all dried up and clogged up the nib, but he now wondered if his ideas and inspiration may start to flow again and he said 'you never know my book could really take off and if it doesn't there may be other opportunities, I'm not giving up.'

We did a couple of rounds of 'this new flowing energy' and then asked what other things he would like to tap on and he said 'good health and happiness' we did 3 rounds of that till it felt as if the energy inside and in the room was really buzzing! I gave him some suggestions on tapping at home such as 'creativity, energy and light' I also said that he could be creative with what he tapped on and that seemed a useful notion for him.

When the session ended the client moved out of the chair with much more ease and there was a spring in his step and the energy felt much fresher and re energised!

He has subsequently been working on his book and is hoping to get it published in the near future!

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