EFT Case Story: Aspect Rescue

EFT Case Story: Aspect Rescue

An interesting case story on 'Aspect Rescue' from Ross Echterling who is one of Kelly Burch's EFT Master Practitioner distance learning course students. 

Read on for the full story.....

My practice partner was a 32 year old woman who immediately appreciated the Aspect Model explanation. The 5-year-old Aspect stuck a key in an electrical outlet; the Aspect was shocked and the Aspect’s hand was burned (just needed two reminders replacing my or her with the Aspect). The Aspect’s father got very angry and berated her all the way to the emergency room while the Aspect’s mother comforted the Aspect. Present-She felt as though her father did not think she was very smart and she always tries to get his approval. The Aspect was very sad and hurt that the Aspect’s father got so mad.

The set-up: The 5 year old Aspect was very sad. Next: the Aspect thought the Aspect’s father did not love her. Next: that was not true. Next: My father loves me. Next: The Aspect’s father was very frightened that the Aspect was really injured or damaged. The Aspect’s father was so very glad when the doctor said the Aspect was alright that the Aspect could tell that the Aspect’s father was trying not to cry. He was afraid. He was angry with himself that he did not protect the Aspect. Since then, he (reminder-each of his Aspects) has tried to protect each of my Aspects. He has been helpful and loving to each of my Aspects. He loves me. He trusts me but is still there if I need anything. My Aspect did not understand. Now, she does and I am so happy for that Aspect. I feel loved.

The practice partner felt that she had learned and practiced enough to rescue further past aspects at home.

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