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EFT Case Story: I Can't Talk About It - Can I Still Get Help?

EFT Case Story: I Can't Talk About It - Can I Still Get Help?

EFT Master Practitioner Helen Sanders has put together a case study in which the client is able to relieve great stress and pain that has built up over the years, without the need to talk about the issues.

Helen writes: Heather really did not want to talk about the issue that was causing problems, and this was one of the reasons she had not gone for help before.

It was an obvious relief for her that EFT would not involve this when using the body protocol. I could sense the relief from Heather as she relaxed when I explained this.

We discussed the EFT Body Protocol and I asked Heather where the problem bothered her in her body, I sensed some tensing as she thought about this and some flushing in the neck area.

"Show me with your hands".

Heather put her hands to her throat and I asked her, "How does this feel?"

The reply from Heather was instant, "Tight, restricted".

Her hands then went to her stomach and Heather said the feeling there was, "Swirly".

I suggested we work on her throat first with the set-up chosen, "I have tightness in my throat, I feel restricted."

RP - Throat is tight.

I suggested to Heather that after the Heart & Soul Protocol she moves her free hand to her throat as
we tap.

As Heather spoke her voice became tight and I asked Heather to breathe in and out as we tapped her voice then relaxed.

Heather has had this 'problem' in her energy body for some time as showing in the tightness of her voice and tense upper body.

As Heather was so tense we did a round to de-stress next, the SUE scale was -5 and we chose the set-up – Relax and be stress free.

RP – Relax, be free.

The SUE scale was now -2 and Heather said she could feel the energy move and the feeling was uncomfortable.

I reassured Heather and explained the energy body disturbance had been there for many years, the uncomfortable feeling was now moving!

After a further de-stress round the SUE scale was now +2.

Heather was looking more relaxed her breathing had relaxed and there was now a hint of a smile!

Another round of EFT took the scale to +7!

I suggested we now return to the presenting problem the throat and the tight restricted feeling there, Heather was 0 on the SUE scale and eager to continue.

I asked Heather to be aware of her throat and to be aware of the energy flowing there as we tap.

SUE scale was now +4 after another round she could really feel the energy flowing around her throat area she described it like a river flowing freely without the rocks or boulders stopping it. Now +7 it was a good place to complete that session.

Heather was going to continue with EFT at home and work on the feeling in her stomach.

I phoned Heather a few days later, she said she felt amazing and had started by working on rounds to relax her further before starting with her stomach and swirly emotion.

The SUE scale was -1.

After a few rounds of just bringing her awareness to her stomach and to the energy the scale had reached +7 and she was going to continue to move up the scale.

Heather said she had really benefited from EFT and the way she did not have to drag up and discuss 'secrets' or issues that would have really upset her.

FOLLOW-UP – Heather has continued to de-stress and had continued to work with her throat and stomach areas where she had originally felt the disturbances.

We had another follow-up session so I could see how she had progressed and we completed this session with the set-up from Heather I feel so free, the reminder phrase I'm free and the Sue scale + 10.

Heather felt confident to continue to use Energy EFT to de-stress & felt it would really help her for other possible life challenges.

Helen Sanders

January, 2013

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