EFT Case Story: Coping with Panic

EFT Case Story: Coping with Panic

EFT Master Practitioner distance learning student Anne Marie Yates has written a case story that shows how effectivley EFT can help clients cope with panic and come to terms with bad news.

Anne writes:ย It was early on Monday morning when I first received a phone call from Amanda's daughter, Anita. She was so worried and concerned about her mother that she had taken a day off work because she didn't want to leave her on her own. Luckily enough, I was completely free that morning and I arranged to go to Amanda's home four miles away to do the treatment.

Anita answered the front door to me with a worried but pleased to see me expression on her face and as I walked into the kitchen, I saw Amanda, who I never met before, walk into the room through another door. She immediately rushed towards me and just fell into my arms sobbing. I quite often seem to have this effect on my clients....I always say afterwards it must be something to do with my face. This started seven years ago with my second client and I have always stayed calm and comforted the other person.

Amanda's face was tired and drawn and she looked like she hadn't slept for days. She hadn't. We moved to the conservatory and I started the treatment as I always do by showing Amanda the heart healing position and all the tapping points. Even after one round of heart healing without formulating any setups, Amanda looked visibly calmer and had stopped crying.

I asked her gently if she could tell me what the problem was and she told me that she had hardly slept for a week because she had received a phone call telling her that her older brother had terminal cancer and she was supposed to be going to stay with him and the rest of the family for Christmas which was in two weeks' time. She felt so panicky that she thought she'd never be able to do it.

We tapped on the panicky feeling using the colour and shape technique and as well as Amanda feeling more relaxed I could also feel her calmness. I asked Amanda to "Tell the Story" about the phone call and everything that was said. After she did this, she said she was definitely feeling much more able to cope with the news she had received.

What did come up for Amanda suddenly was her own father's death which had happened ten years before. She was shocked at feeling so emotional about his death, particularly because she thought she had worked her way through it using Angelic Reiki and thought she ok with it. We did a round with me tapping on her whilst she did "Telling the Story" of when she and her mother had answered the door to two policemen who had come to tell them that her father had been knocked over by a train. He had been working on the railway line at the time. The tears started to flow and I gently held Amanda's hand whilst tapping on her as she slowly told me the story.

As the tears ebbed away, Amanda said she felt as though a huge release of negative energy had taken place and, as she started to look out of the conservatory window, she remembered how much her father had loved gardening. In particular, how he'd loved the plant containers outside the conservatory when they were filled with spring flowers. They looked overgrown now as I looked at them. I felt it was really important for her to remember her father in this way and I suggested to her that she planted some special spring bulbs in the containers and her face completely lit up and she said she was thinking exactly the same.

We ended the first session there. I had another three sessions leading up to Christmas and I am very happy to say that Amanda found her inner strength to join the rest of the family for Christmas on the other side of the Pennines.

Anne Marie Yates

January 2013

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