EFT Case Story: Dissolving Thirteen Years of Grief Blockages

EFT Case Story: Dissolving Thirteen Years of Grief Blockages

EFT Master Practitioner Suheyla Pinar Alper writes: Cem, 39, mathematician, came to see me, hoping to resolve his chronic fatigue and lack of energy, he also complained of a longtime stuffed nose, loss of sense of smell and chronic sinusitis.

As he told me his story, he mentioned, casually, the loss of his mother 13 years ago. His mom, he said, was his one and only hero in life.

Normally, after listening to their story I let my clients decide which issue we will tap on first. However, after our initial tapping to de-stress, just as I was going to ask her what he would like to tap on first, I heard myself saying : Let us first tap about your mother...

I hesitated for a moment, but remembering Sandra Hillawi's, words "trust your inner voice" , I pursued my suggestion and we started tapping 'mom', 'mom'. As we moved on and tapped on his eyebrow point Cem burst out into tears, and started sobbing.. For only a brief moment I was scared. Scared that I might not be able to help him with such strong emotions. He was out of breath and almost into a panic attack, telling me that he feared he may have a serious nose bleed, which he had 6 months ago. He even stopped breathing at a point. My hesitation lasted only a few seconds as I listened again to my inner voice which said: I trust EFT, I trust energy, this is going to work out' and when he said "I can't breath", I heard myself saying to him, in a calm tone, " it's ok, you're safe with me, we will work it out, we're doing this together, you are not alone"...I held his hand,and took over the tapping which he had stopped doing. He cried and sobbed. While tapping gently, I used the words he was uttering: I miss you, you were so wonderful, I see your face right in front of me, I love you... I knew this was true catharsis, healing...

As we finished tapping he said he felt something in his chest that prevented him from breathing. I asked him to describe it. He said it was something very heavy and black, that felt like it was blocking his breath....I guided him to deal with that blockage through emotrance. He melted it away, it left as a red gas that he blew out of his mouth...He finally started talking. He was surprised that he had cried, was wondering if this grief that lasted so long influenced other close relationships in his life. He kept on repeating he could not believe that he actually cried that he had seen a psychiatrist for many years after his mother's loss, and that he had not been able to shed a tear.

I suggested we continue tapping : Even though I have so much pain for the loss of my mom, I love my mom, I feel her love. Cem added "even though I am in pain, even though I miss her so much, I want to live, I want to breathe, I need to live, I need to breathe, I deserve to live, to breathe" , I added "I deeply love and accept myself"..We tapped and tapped. He repeated that he was tired, so I tapped him, holding his hand. When we finished he released a laugh, saying he was smelling the chocolate of the chocolate cookies on the table.

He was finally laughing, smiling and looked relieved. I often wish I have a camera (that is just fantasy, I know it would not be ok), to photograph clients as they arrive and when they leave. He looked so relaxed and happy. He kept repeating, that normally he could not cry!

The next day he called to tell me he was feeling relieved, energized and light. So was I Smileย And just for the record: Cem was a -6 when he arrived, and a +7 as he leftย Smile

Suheyla Pinar Alper, 2013

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