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EFT Case Story: Drum Circle Tapping for Exclusion & Connection

EFT Case Story: Drum Circle Tapping for Exclusion & Connection

Mark Robertson, an EFT Master Practitioner, Drum Tapping Circle healer and presenter at the 2013 EFT & Energy Conference, has put together a case study with a lady that has suffered from feelings of exclusion for her whole life, and is worried about not being able to feel a strong connection with her new-born granddaughter

Mark writes: Sandra a British expatriate living in France, was signed up to participate in one of my online Drum Circle Tapping sessions on the 17th of April.

She had a hard time getting online with the rest of the group in the Drum Tapping Circle but finally succeeded after 30 minutes of concentrated technical frustration. She arrived in an advanced state of stress, and explained that the keyword that described the emotions she felt was “exclusion”. This word was important for her because she was born prematurely on the 2nd of May and was kept under observation in the intensive care unit in an incubator, separated from her mother for the first month of her life.

Since the very beginning of her life she has experienced these familiar feelings of separation and exclusion in many different situations.

This is also significant because this year will be her 65th birthday and the beginning of her retirement... Which may also be interpreted as a certain type of exclusion. This situation had created a lot of stress because in order to receive her retirement benefits she had to find all of the documents and fill in the gaps to reconstitute her professional life.

Also her oldest daughter will give birth to a baby girl in the beginning of May, about a week from her own birthday. I explained that this means her granddaughter will have a specific energy link to her because they both will have the same "birth point" *(see illustration below). This particular equation constitutes an energetic "twin" link with her grandmother within the family tree.
Intergenerational links are not always a bad thing but may be interpreted by the energy brain as threatening opportunities for dangerous or painful patterns to be retransmitted.

Sandra explained that she's trying to understand why she has this illogical apprehension, this difficulty to connect with her granddaughter. She can't feel the same connection with this baby girl as she did with the first-born son of her daughter four years ago. She feels emptiness, a kind of blank feeling, part of her is panic stricken, and she feels it resonates with her cellular memories of her difficult birth and she feels it in her throat. She told me her granddaughter's birth has been calculated to be around the 20th of June but she has the intuition that the birth will be around the 10th of May. (Little Anna was born on the 11th of May).

She recognizes that there are many intellectual explanations, but she really feels this illogical fear or disconnection on a visceral level. (This is often encountered with emotional traumas inherited from generations past or that happened before the age of verbal expression).

I suggested we use the Drum Circle Tapping approach for her Ghost Shadows since there were ancestral memories directly linked with her date of birth and all the emotions around the birthing process in general.

Her subjective intensity was - 9 on the SUE scale, she felt it in her body as tension in her head all the way down the right leg, the whole right side was painful, as if it was on fire, and her nervous tension had aggravated her scoliosis and sciatica all the way down to the right foot. Her chronic scoliosis had recently become so intense that she had to wear a corset to be able to stand up straight on her feet; otherwise she was leaning forward or leaning to the side which had become very uncomfortable for the last two months. I explained that all of this was only the result of stuck energy behind her unconscious or energy mind protection system shielding her from her emotions. I reminded her that by focusing her intentions during the Drum Circle Tapping, not only would she benefit from the tapping but also future past generations will be liberated from these emotions around birth.

The following is the transcription of the Drum Circle tapping we did.

Beginning of the tapping, Opening the Circle:

While I beat the Heartbeat rhythm please hold your hands in the heart healing position while breathing deeply and repeat after me.

1. The drum is an instrument that liberates births....
2. The skin of the drum is like the skin of the belly of the pregnant mother....
3. The skin that is stretched tightly before the birth...
4. The energy of the drum that calms the painful birthing process in the near future...
5. We now enter all this energy of birthing into our hearts... As we evacuate all the menacing energies of danger and fear of abandonment.
6. All these energies of exclusion and separation ....that are totally connected with Sandra....amplified within her cellular memories.
7. We now call into this Circle the energies of the East,
The energies of the South,
The energies of the West,
And the energies of the North...
8. And together as we hold this secure neutral space...
Where energies maybe transmuted
within the central axis of the circle....
Opening deep connections with
the heavens above and mother earth below.
In this sacred space where there is no exclusion....
In this time and place when there is no separation...

(Start by tapping the twin karate points and go through the circuit with the points that you feel in affinity with, except when otherwise stated).

 Karate Chop

1. I really had a hard time coming into this circle tonight
2. I have received the energy of exclusion once again
3. I was born on the 2nd of May within a context of separation and exclusion
4. Today I am 65 years old and am preparing my retirement...
5. It has been difficult to reconstruct my work history to be recognized by the French administration.
6. It's only energy and just another opportunity to be born into retirement...
7. To be able to enter into a comfortable retirement.
8. My newborn granddaughter will be arriving soon....
9. When I think of that I have a kind of anxious blank feeling....
10. A state of panic
11. It's completely illogical
12. It's the ancestral fears that separate me from my conscious mind....
13. All of these emotional memories coming from my ancestors.....
14. I don't need to know where they come from....
15. I merely need to know that it needs to circulate and flow

Top of the Head: All of this excessive yang energy that no longer flows....

16. From my little toe on the right side all the way to the top of my head...
17. All of this stuck energy in my bladder meridian that no longer flows on the right hand side.....
18. I was extremely afraid.... my water energy was completely drained
19. Causing the energy of fire to rise and inflame my sciatic nerve....
20. This inflammation in my back ....and my cervicals....
21. Flowing up the right hand side of my body up to the top of my head...

I now choose to connect with the energy of the drum....

22. Allowing the energy of water to flow freely....
23. Bringing the excessive fire energy back under control
24. Liberating the energy of a quiet joyful birth to flow freely in and through me...
25. And I choose to be reborn into this golden age of retirement
26. I really do deserve this.... After all these movements in my life
27. I will take pleasure in teaching and sharing many things with my granddaughter....
28. I will enjoy a privileged link with her...
29. This link is also on the metabolic level....
30. it's true that during gestation, granddaughters receive an ovary from their grandmother, through their mother.
31. So she has an egg in her tiny belly that comes from me ..... Which no longer scares me.
32. This feminine alchemical energy connection can ease my birth... into retirement towards the Golden age of wisdom.
33. Privileging transmissions from the shamanic grandmother to her granddaughter...
34. She won't have to experience the same emotions... of exclusion and separation that I did..
35. In place of fear, I choose confidence....
36. In place of anger, I choose forgiveness...
37. In place of sadness, I choose contemplation....
38. In place of the anxious hysteria, I choose joy and bliss.....
39. There is no longer any room for this excessiveness....
40. And all this inflammation in my heart may now flow freely out....

Place your healing hands on your heart and Breath in quietly......

So how is the intensity of -9?

"I feel at least +5 intensity now.

"I feel incredibly at peace... I feel like something that is rising, rising, becoming lighter and lighter... Truly I feel better and I know now that my own mother had quite a bit of apprehension at the time of my premature birth which was kind of an escape for her because she really didn't feel ready.

"So, part of the apprehension that I experience is not even mine I feel it's coming from my mother and her ancestors.

"Also my own daughter has quite an apprehension of becoming a mother because she was raped when she was a young girl.

"And so the simple fact of having the responsibility of raising and protecting a young girl is scary for her.

"I really feel much lighter and liberated from this apprehension and ready to welcome my granddaughter now.

"So, for me there are at least four generations that were liberated here I really feel gratitude for the drum and all of you in the tapping circle tonight

"Thank you."

I received this e-mail the next day...

"Re-Mark-able EFT CHAMAN!

The intergenerational reading proved to be the key to undoing the knots all down my right side, and I realize I've not been relaxed since I learnt of my daughter's pregnancy back in the autumn.

At last I feel able to welcome little Anna without fear of burdening her with our old crap!

GOD BLESS YOU and Renée"

Then this e-mail at the birth of her granddaughter...

There is a ANNA!

Saturday May 11 at 15h09 in Paris!

She is perfect -pink with very black hair and BIG eyes and powerful lungs

Thank you so much for your support, I feel very relieved and ready for the rest of the adventure!!

Her Mama is doing very well and Papa and big brother Peter, nearly 4, are thrilled

The photos are in telephones...will forward...

Best wishes for the Visio conference and all


*(See the illustrations below)...that were created by Dr. Salomon Sellam.

"Circle of Creation"


*This Circle of creation illustrates the different possibilities of energetic relationships among people.

Mark Robertson will explain this all in more detail during his 2013 EFT & Energy Conference Presetation.


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