EFT Case Story: EFT In The Real World

EFT Case Story: EFT In The Real World

One of the really great things about EFT is how simple it is, and how it can be used in any situation, by anyone. In this example, EFT Master Practitioner distance learning student Sue Cooke tells the story of how EFT came to the rescue in her day-job as a driving instructor, helping the student overcome the panic of a close-call behind the wheel.

Sue writes:ย My student was terrified and was crying, having visions of killing the person who had just run out at a pedestrian crossing. We were travelling at an appropriate speed having anticipated the situation to prevent anything from developing.

I had to gently and calmly ask her to help me by moving the car to a safe and convenient place so we could stop the car...

I keep tissues in the car so I let her release her tears while I spoke softly reassuring her. Then I asked her to place her hands over her heart and try and breathe. It wasn't easy for her but she did it. I calmly instructed her to breathe deeply with me and reassured her that she was doing well. We concentrated on breathing for a little while and I reassured her again by saying she was safe and I was with her. She was trusting me and looking for guidance which I was able to give. I explained that we were going to do some EFT to help her energy body de-stress and improve the energy flow to help the body achieve calmness. This required tapping on certain points on the body and I asked her if this was OK. She nodded.

I asked her for a word to describe how she felt. 'Terrified that she could have killed the pedestrian' she responded. Our set-up statement was 'feeling terrified about killing the pedestrian.' Using the hands/heart procedure, she kept her eyes open and she repeated after me the statement we had agreed on three times whilst I observed her breathing.

I then guided her through the first round of EFT asking her to repeat with me the word 'terrified'; I continually reassured and praised her. We did three rounds as I felt we needed this time to become more stable. When we stopped she had another cry but it wasn't as bad as before. I asked if she still felt terrified and the answer was no but was still worried that she could have killed the pedestrian.

I did another set-up and we did 'worried about killing the pedestrian'. Then tapped another round with me leading and saying 'worried' All the time I was breathing calmly so she would follow and reassured her. After the round I asked how she was feeling and she said much calmer and could feel lots of tingly sensations around her body. I said that was good and her energy body was responding and the flow of energy was increasing.

We did another set-up this time with eyes closed and heart/hands, 'feeling calmer', we're OK' We both did another round saying 'feeling calmer' and 'we're OK' changing to 'I'm OK โ€“ feeling calmer'. I smiled โ€“ she smiled, I laughed โ€“ she laughed 'we're OK' We kept tapping another couple of rounds and she said she felt so much better. I explained that we were working as an EFTeam while I was tapping too.

We had spent most of the driving lesson doing EFT but it was experience for us both and I got to use my EFT/relaxation skills. I have known people to give up after that sort of traumatic experience but I can help my people to overcome situations so they don't punish themselves by giving up driving and restricting their freedom and independence.

My student then drove us back home and I praised her for the way she handled the situation and overcoming her emotions to regain control. I also added that the pedestrian would think twice in future before just running out across the road. We saved their life!!

I felt very proud and honoured to have had the skill and knowledge to help my student to overcome their traumatic experience in a very short space of time. YEHAAAA I love EFT.

Sue Cooke

January 2013

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