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EFT Case Story: Energetic Relationships

EFT Case Story: Energetic Relationships

This case story is from Patti Payne, and details her journey through working with Energetic Relationships. In this case she explains howย an energetic entity can be with a concept, or an idea. She chose to work with my concept of men, resulting in an 'absolutely incredible experience'!


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I did not feel any intense feelings towards a company, so remembering the unit information and that an energetic relationship can be with anything, and an energetic entity can be with a concept, or an idea. So I chose to work with my concept of men.

Perhaps it was the inspiration from this exercise, but I lined up all the men behind a long table, like board members. These were the people from where I created my concept of what a man is. I started tapping on them as my "Company of Men". At first there wasn't much movement. I continued to tap and a couple of rounds later I begin to notice this very dense and lively energy in head. It was so pronounced that I switched from the table and tapped on this Company of Men energy in my head. As I kept tapping on it I started to get these very positive and uplifting images of men. Men as fathers, men doing things to help others without personal gain, men who had integrity radiating out from them, men as honest hard-workers.

Then I received this image of a man in a button up shirt and tie who was about my age, and very well groomed. There was this beautiful white ball of light within him and he just felt very solid and uplifting. It kept getting brighter and brighter and my focus shifted back to my boardroom table of men and one-by-one down line this same brilliant white light appeared in their chest, and became lighter within them until it was so bright it was like a supernova, until the very last man who is my boyfriend now, and he was the brightest of them all, shining as bright as the sun.

I felt such intense high positive energy I literally jumped up from my chair and the hair on my arms stood on end! My first real healing event!!! Absolutely incredible experience!

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