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EFT Case Story: Terminated After 20 Years - Autogenic Energy EFT To The Rescue

EFT Case Story: Terminated After 20 Years - Autogenic Energy EFT To The Rescue

Newly certified EFT Master Practitioner Timothy Ryan writes:ย The client is a sixty two year old athletic built female who came to the session saying she was grieving the loss of her employment where she was terminated suddenly after being employed for some twenty years. She said she received a form letter from her school district saying her services were no longer needed. She said she understood it was a financial decision but like everyone she never thought it would happen to her. She knew it was not meant to be personal but she was still hurt and in shock. She felt lost without direction and did not know what to do.

I asked her if she would be willing to use the incident and her imagination and set up an autogenic reality to explore the issue more energetically. She said great.

I gave her the basic instruction: if your problem were a time or place, what would it be.

She spontaneously answered, "It would be early morning, crisp and clear. I see myself in new uncharted territory. I see myself in an Alaskan wilderness. It's beautiful but I feel lost. I don't know what to do." (I asked her to see herself as an aspect in the wilderness).

She continued " My aspect in the middle of the wild wilderness lost. There are no roads. There are no street signs, no direction. There is nothing there to guide me. There is an Eskimo there but he doesn't speak English. My aspect is all alone. My aspect is also afraid because there is a big sea lion, which is threatening to her watching my aspect from the distance.

She said I just see vast wilderness. It's quiet and peaceful but so big I feel lonely with some sadness. I'm also a little afraid of that sea lion. (I asked her to pause the scene and step out. We discussed what the best set up would be and decided to tap on loneliness.)

We did a Heart and Soul Protocol with the set up "Loneliness." She rated her loneliness on the SUE as a -4. At the end of the round, she said she felt more peaceful and more okay with being there. She rated her SUE as a -1.

I asked her to return to the scene and connect to her aspect to see what's happening. She laughs and blushed. She said, "The Eskimo just gave my aspect a big hug. He's reassuring her she will be okay. But whoa, he smiles like fish. I don't know about that smell. He has such a kind heart but that smell is so repulsive."

I asked her to rate her SUE, she said a -1. We tapped on the set up 'smell of smelly fish.' After a round she said it's not a problem any more. It's a 0.

I asked her to return to the scene and to say what's happening. She said, "My aspect is peaceful. There's a beautiful sunset. So many vibrant colors; it's so rich and beautiful. Everything around my aspect is so beautiful. The lion seal has left. He's not interested in my aspect anymore. He went down a hole in the ice, back to the ocean. There is a just Stillness."

She continued, "I have this sense that everything is going to be okay. She said the Eskimo is saying to my aspect that everything is okay and he will guide her.

The Eskimo is taking my aspect on the sleigh. She doesn't have to do anything. All she has to do is relax and trust. I think she's really learning how to surrender.

We agreed to use the set up 'It's okay to surrender.' During the tapping the surrender became surrender to being relaxed, surrender to being safe, surrender to trust, etc.

After a round, she said I feel so peaceful. I have this deep knowing that everything is going to be okay. I feel light, like all my cares and worries are gone. She rated her SUE at +4 or +5.

She went back to the scene and said, The Eskimo is saying to my aspect "you only think you're alone but it's not true." She said I'm so in touch with his love. He has such a kind face. I think he is very wise and all knowing. I can really feel the tenderness of his heart.

We decided to tap a round on the set up "tenderness." After a round, she said I feel so much energy flowing from my heart. I feel joyful and at the same time very peaceful. It's flowing like warm energy all around me and from me. I asked her to rate her SUE and she said it's very high. I think it's a +8 or +9.

I asked her to check on her aspect in the scene. She said, "my aspect is just riding alone in the sleigh, very content and peaceful. She's so cozy and comfortable. She's very happy. She totally trusting and excited to have this new adventure. She is able to rest in God. She's totally surrendered.

I really know she is totally okay with everything. She knows whatever happens is perfect. Everything is Perfect. Whatever is needed will be there in just the right way when she needs it. She has such clarity and she is so secure in the stillness. There is so much beauty and love around her. She knows now that there is no need for any struggle or effort.

All she has to do is just be open. (I asked how does that feel for you when you see her that way?) She says I feel fantastic. I can't believe how different I feel. Every part of me feels wonderful. I asked her to rate her SUE. She said 10+. We went back to her initial problem losing her job and sense of direction. She replied, "It's not a problem now.

"I know I'll be okay."

Timothy Ryan, PhD.

EFT Master Practitioner

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