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EFT Case Story: Frustration & Resistance Resolved

EFT Case Story: Frustration & Resistance Resolved

Pamela Free, an EFT Master Practitioner student from California, tells the case story of a client who came to her with a strong resistance to trust, and frustration within his life. With work, Pamela managed to break down these barriers and help resolve some long buried issues.

Pamela writes:ย Robert was referred to me by his wife, Elena, who is a client of mine. He had seen the changes that EFT made in his wife and was willing to give it a try. He was extremely shut down, his wife described him as a 'dead man walking' a lot of the time, extremely stressed with family, money and job problems and had significant PTSD from his childhood. They actually had been discussing having him go on Prozac or something similar.

Read on for the full story...

He had told Elena that he was not willing to share any of the stories from his childhood so I addressed that almost immediately. I told him that we would be dealing with learning the protocol, getting used to tapping and perhaps practice on a minor current problem just so that he could see how it worked. If he decided to continue we could use the body protocol so that I would not need to know the story he was working on. He said emphatically that he was not interested in dealing with any of those old stories, he was done with them.

I told him how stress and trauma affects the energy body and causes blockages in the system and explained the SUE scale and how the work is about getting on the high plus end of the scale, not just settling for a point of peace. He agreed with all that and we got started.

We did a first round on stress and he learned the points. Tapping under the nose made him feel silly and laugh as if he was saying, "What the hell am I doing here." so I laughed with him. It is kind of silly really. But it works ;-)

I asked if he felt any different after the round and he said not. So we continued to the second round with a setup of 'De-stress". He didn't feel any different after that one either so I explained the concept of the EFTeam and we did that as the third round. I guessed he would have a hard time with it because he doesn't trust anyone according to Elena and I could feel all his shields.

We worked on that round and I could feel the intense resistance in his body and I sent enormous loving attention directly into his body to soften and flow. His body was so tight and held so closely together. There wasn't any flow in there at all at first but gradually it softened and started flowing down. He was looser and brighter then. When we finished the round I asked him if he felt anything and he said no and I told him what I had felt.

By this time I was moving a lot, started with swaying and finally jumping up and down so I asked him to jump up and down a bit and get his body moving. He was ok with that and agreed that a happy body is a body that moves. He does have back problems. After moving he felt lighter.

So now I suggested that we start on a small problem and he said he got frustrated with his kids yelling and screaming. I suggested tapping on "frustrated with kids" and we started that round. We finished that round and I said we could do that again and he said "It sounds silly, it's not the kids fault. I'm frustrated that I'm not more patient."

So we talked for a bit and decided on a setup of "I'm always bad and wrong."

We did that for two rounds and I was feeling considerable sadness coming from him so that his SUE scale actually went down but at least he was actually feeling something.

Then on the top of the head he spontaneously changed the setup to "I'm always scared."

I was startled and impressed. That is one of his core issues and we were only supposed to practice on something easy today. So I got that he did trust me and was willing to work.

We did "I'm always scared again" and halfway through he changed it to "I'm always happy". I felt that he was actually starting to feel the scared feeling and didn't like it. I asked if it was true that he was always happy and he said that was what had popped into his mind and he wanted to tap on it. So we did and within two taps he changed it to "I'm not always happy".

I explained that there is a difference between our mind talking to us while we are tapping and our body and that it was perhaps his mind that changed to "I'm always happy". That EFT was not about affirmations but about body feelings of what is true. He agreed with that.

We had come close to time now so I said we would close out with a round on "happy energy" which we did. He felt like he had crossed the zero point and was about a plus 2 and he said he had been living at -5 or -6 for a long time now.

I taught him the thoughtflow process to deal with reversals and gave him homework of noticing stress when it occurs and using the stress and destress rounds whenever he needed to as well as the thoughtflow. When I suggested doing that at work when things go wrong, he said that perhaps he would be able to see why he's working as a barman when he has two degrees. I agreed that may be possible. I can't see him next week so we set it up for two weeks from now and agreed that we would work for a couple of months and see how it went.

Elena said he came home happier than she had seen him in a long, long time and it seems to be lasting.

Pam Free
January 2013

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