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EFT Case Story: Guilty Secret

EFT Case Story: Guilty Secret

In this case story, Roy Riseborough from the UK helps a friend eleviate a guilt that has lived with them a long time with the help of Energy EFT.

Roy writes: I have known Angela for some time and to me she appeared to exude confidence, she moved with an "air" about her of someone without a care in the world. It was therefore somewhat of a shock to me when in conversation with her about Nursing (she, like me, is a professional Nurse) she confided in me and started to explain " her problem".

Angela had chosen to tell me as she knew I was an EFT energist. She began her story and very quickly became very tearful, wringing her hands, her breathing rhythm changed and she began to cast around for the right words to use to describe her experience. I could "feel" the energy the energy within her and quickly realised that she had many energy blockages which needed releasing. In appearance she looked to be carrying a " Heavy weight".

To help her I need to combat the massive stress that she was displaying and , I taught her the Heart and soul Tapping protocol. She said she would "have a go at it" , with me doing it with her. I explained that it would relax her and help to clear her thinking. We used the set up phrase "release from stress" and we tapped together. I could see as we progressed through the protocol her "stress" began to lessen, body not so stiff and breathing a little easier.

At the end of the first round Angela said " My grandmother used to do that". Which was a sweet way of introducing the "real problem" to me. In essence Angela was feeling guilty about things she had said to her grandmother when she was alive. She explained that, Grandmother, had done everything for me and when " She needed me most , I let her down". Apparently the lady was known to "cry wolf at being ill, only to recover miraculously in a very short time when Angela dropped everything to rush over to see her, believing she was ill. The one time she didn't respond like this the Grandmother was ill and was taken to Hospital where she subsequently died. It was 6 months before Angela could visit the cemetery where she was buried. The reason why the story had become a problem was it was the anniversary of her Grandmothers death and Angela had once again "got this on my mind" admitting it never really "went away" "This feeling" pointing to her abdomen " "had always been with her".

We tapped a second time on release the tension and a third time on "relaxing energy". After these three rounds Angela was much more coherent and was able to adequately tell her full story, including the fact that her Grandmother used to do tapping when she was alive. Angela gained some comfort from this knowledge. We agreed to document the story and ton look at how it appeared and particular points which might be extra stressful. We tapped on " Carrying Guilt" ( Her suggestion), with the reminder "Guilt". I could observe during this round she was Indeed more relaxed and getting into it, I could honestly feel a difference in her energy levels, it was flowing well and when I asked her at the end she said she could feel the flow as well. At the end she sighed and laughed saying "That's a load of my mind" clearly an energy blockage had been released.

Over the next few days Angela used the Heart and Soul protocol for home work using the set up "Cleansing Energy". When new met again there was a definite change within her. We continued with more rounds from the story and as we did do Angela said she felt a heavy weight had been lifted from her. She had come to terms with what had been said and felt more positive. I suggested further sessions and we agreed that tapping on " My love of Grandma", with the reminder "love" and "Healing Love" - all her words - would really encourage good energy flow. Three weeks later Angela declared she felt like "a million dollars" and had really, really moved on with her life and guilt had now disappeared.

Roy Riseborough

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